Jenn Sterger

Jenn Sterger is a very popular model of the glamour world. She is a successful reporter by profession and has also earned fame as a comedian in the industry. Jenn Sterger was born in the year 1983 on November 29th to her American parents. She was born in Miami, Florida in the United States but has spent most of her childhood years in Hoboken in New Jersey.

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She grew up with her siblings. The model has one elder brother and one younger brother and sister. She was very close to her siblings from the early days of her childhood. Her mother was a famous model of the glamour industry and she wanted Jenn to become a model too. Her sister was not at all interested in glamour and fashion and she wanted to make a career in the academic field. So the responsibility to fulfil her mother’s dream was absolutely on Jenn.

Jean went to the Gaither High School which was located in Tampa. She was very popular in her high school and also belonged from a very popular friend circle. Jenn, along with some of her friends were the head of the group. She also had several boyfriends during her school but she was not involved in any of them seriously. Jenn was also very figure conscious from her teenage age and maintained proper fitness regime for that.

Jenn never wanted to take up modelling as her profession and always wanted to become a journalist. She went to the Florida State University to pursue her bachelor's degree. She stepped into the modelling industry during her university education. She has posed for several popular magazines and was also listed among the Top 30 hottest women. However, the model was detected with breast tumour which caused a lag in her modelling career. After this, leading to her interest towards sports, she started her journalism career. She worked as a sports journalist and used to write several sports articles. It has also been recorded that Jane has got engaged to her long time boyfriend in the year 2016, Cody Decker who is a famous baseball player.

01 Feb, 2018