Jeffrey Wright

Jeffrey Wright is a well-known stage actor as well as a renowned television personality. He is famous for his appearance in a number of films and television series.

Jeffrey Wright was born in the year 1965 on December 7. He was brought up by his parents in Washington, D.C. United States. He has received a Catholic upbringing from childhood. His mother was an established customs lawyer and his father was a legal counsellor. When he was only some moths old, his father passed away in a road accident. He was the only child and he was brought up by his mother alone after the death of his father.

He went to the St. Albans School from his initial educational years. He was a very active sports team member in his school. He took a lot of interest in football and has also won several football matches for his school. Besides sports, he was also a talented dramatist. He has participated in several drama programs of his school where he was starred in lead roles. He has received a lot of praises from his seniors and co-workers for his acting skills. As a teenager, he was very handsome and had a lot of girlfriends.

After completing his high school education, he went to the Amherst College to pursue his bachelor's degree. He pursued a major in political science from the university. When he completed his university degree, his mother wanted him to become a lawyer like her. But he had no interest to pursue law and wanted to pursue acting instead. After completing his bachelor's education, he went to the New York University to pursue acting. He took the training at the university for only two months and left it to give acting auditions.

He gave the auditions for Off-Broadway and got selected in the year 1990. He impressed everyone with his acting which fetched him the chance to appear in the film Presumed Innocent. Besides these major appearances, he also did theatre acting. He joined The Acting Company to appear in the theatre plays. His most notable appearance was in the theatre play Angels in America where he was starred as Norman “Belize” Arriaga. The play also won an award for the versatile acting of the play actors. He also won the Best Featured Actor in a Play Award for his role play as Roy Cohn. After appearing in a series of popular plays, he was seen as Jean-Michel in the film Basquiat. He has appeared in many supporting roles as well as in lead roles in many films like Ride with the Devil, Boycott, Celebrity, Shaft.

He has also won the AFI Award for his appearances in the films. He has also won the Emmy Award and the Golden Globe Award for portraying him as the Best Supporting Actor. He has also made a number of guest appearances in many films and television series such as Homicide : Life on the Street and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. He was married to the famous actress Carmen Ejogo and the couple was also have a son and a daughter from each other. The couple got divorced after some years due to some differences in their relationship.