Jane Velez full name is Jane Velex-Mitchell. She is television journalist and an author. She was the host of Jane Velez-Mitchell for six years and it was before called Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell where she was to replace Glenn Beck, who moved to work at Fox News Channel. She is seen mostly commenting on higher profile cases like TruTV, , CNN and E! together with other cable TV shows. She is a guest host at Headline News Show of Nancy Grace. She was reporting for Celebrity Justice, a syndicated show and appeared on Showbiz Tonight of HLN. In the year 2014, her show got cancelled.

Jane Velez was born to an Irish American father and a Puerto Rican mother. She had been at the forefront of different headlines news for many decades now. At the beginning, she was the co-anchor of a news broadcast of 3 hours when she was broadcasting at KCAL-TV. This is local Los Angeles TV station. She got paired together with Jerry Dunphy who is a legend in broadcasting. She was also an anchor at KCAL-TV which is a sister station of KCBS-TV. There are other hosting duties like working at talk radio called KABC (AM), Los Angeles.

When she was talking about a certain story on her show, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, she said that she attended New York University. During the trial against Michael Jackson, where the singer was sued because of child sexual abuse, she attended the court everyday and she was appearing at Nancy Grace on daily basis. She also appeared at Larry King Live of CNN on many occasion and this included the day when the verdict was given. In the year 2014, she founded organization named JaneUnchained. It is a social media news outlet and it focuses more on the social justice.

Jane Velez is an author who has written a no fiction book called Secrets Can Be Murder: What America’s Most Sensational Crimes Tell Us About Ourselves. The book was studying the tragic scenario and was teaching that people should choose the honesty over the lies if they do not want to have the same outcomes. Her other books are her memory about her biography and how she recovered from the addiction. It is called I want: My Journey from Addiction and Overconsumption to Simpler, Honest Life.

Jane Velez is not married yet but she is living with her partner called Donna Dennison. They are both lesbians in the open. She does not have a husband or children by now. She appeared in some movies & tv shows like 15 minutes and Bandits movies and Open Court, Headline Prime and Jane Velez-Mitchell show.

Her twitter account is@JVM and her page is Instagram @jvm. Her net worth is 10 million dollar. Besides the salary she gets from her television works, she also gets money from her books.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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