Jane Boone is a wife to Scott Pelley, a CBS News Correspondent at 60 minutes and he is one of celebrity people who are living a happy married life. He is married to his wife Jane Boone and she was the former reporter of Channel 5. They met when they were in Dallas and they got married since 1983. The wedding took place at SMU Campus. They have two children, Blair Pelley and Reece Pelley and they are now grownups. The family likes to travel a lot and they have been to too many places.

When it comes to her biography, Jane Boone has not that much information online but only that she is married to Scott. Scott was born in the year 1959 in the city of Texas and he attended Texas Tech University where he majored in the journalism. He was reporting before he even gets the degree.

He started to work at CBS since 1989 and he had reported many stories that got him awards at 60 Minutes from 2003 and 60 minutes II. He got recognized because of the war reports of CBS Evening news With Scott Pelley from 2012. He got Emmy Awards many times for the reporting. He has a net worth of 16 million dollars and his salary is 7 million dollars.

Jane Boone had stayed with her husband for around 35 years now and being married for this long, is something which is indispensable. There are many people in their circles, who decided to divorce, but this is not for them and they are still together up to now. There is no rumor about having to divorce between themselves.

The two are now inspiration of many people who want to love each other for a long time. They are good parents and they have spent some of their times travelling with the children.

Scott started to work in the industry from 1975 and he was working as Editor of CBS and the correspondent of 60 minutes of CBS News. He was a journalist for a long period and people are now following him on his Instagram and twitter account to know what it is on the show. He is a well known person in American Television and he is a popular anchor. He was born in the city of Texas. He is experienced and talented person and he is on demand on many channels but he decided to stick with CBS News.

He had been awarded many honors and awards. He got the Alfred I Dupont-Columbia University Award because of his coverage on the mass murder of Sandy Hook Elementary School. He started the career when he was fifteen years old and he was working like a copyboy at Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. He had experience with different network and channels. However, in the end, he becomes famous when he was reporting about war.