Jakob Dylan is a musician from America. He sing as well as writes songs for his rock band titled The Wallflowers. Under the label of this band, he has released six albums so far. Some of his winning songs as part of The Wallflowers are One Headlight and 6th Avenue Heartache. He has also worked as a solo artist, and has released two albums under his name. As part of The Wallflowers, he has won two Grammy Awards, and his solo songs have entered the Billboard top song charts.

He is also an actor. He has worked on movies such as American Wedding, A Little Help, and The Rugrats movie.

Early Life and Beginning of Career

Jakob Dylan is the son of the music legend Bob Dylan and Sara, his wife. He was born in New York City on December 9, 1969. His family is Jewish. His early childhood was spent in Greenwich Village. When he was three, his family relocated to Los Angeles. His early music inspirations were The Jam, The Clash, and The Buzzcocks. He was in school when he learned to play the guitar and actually played it with several bands such as Trash Matinee and Bootheels.

When he was with Bootheels, he met Tobi Miller. The two of them decided to separate out and give rise to their own brand of music through a different band. This was the initial idea that later on became The Wallflowers.

Dylan also learned songwriting for his band The Wallflowers. For some time, his interest in music dwindled when he moved to New York City to study art at the Parsons School of Design, but then he returned to the band after dropping his studies.

Success with The Wallflowers

The Wallflowers was founded in 1989. Earlier it was named Apples for a while, but the name changed when Barrie Maguire and Peter Yanowitz joine din, on bass and drums respectively. They initially began playing in Los Angeles Clubs and were soon signed on by Virgin Records. Their debut album was released in 1992 and it sold 40000 copies. In 1993, Maguire left the band and Jimmie Snider came in, who was later permanently replaced by Greg Richling. In 1995, the band was signed on by Interscope Records.

The second album was released amidst great difficulty in 1995 as Miller left the band at that time. But this album, Bringing Down the Horse, reached a significant amount of success. The band went on a whirlwind tour to promote their band, and it led to Luke Dylan being featured on the Rolling Stone cover.

The next four albums released subsequently like Breach, Red Letter Days, Rebel Sweetheart, and Glad All Over. They all met with varying degrees of success and brought two Grammy Awards for the song, and cemented the position of Jakob Dylan as an established musician.

Personal Life

Dylan was in a relationship with his girlfriend Paige, and eventually married her in 1992. They have four sons. Paige is a screenwriter and they are both workaholics, and both occasionally collaborate in writing the lyrics of their songs. Dylan was given the degree to Doctor of Letters from the Idaho State University in May 2011.

Dylan is quite active on social media. His videos on YouTube receive a significant number of hits, and he finds frequent mention in DailyMotion and other publications.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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