Hezekiah Walker is a Bishop born in 1962 and he is a well known gospel singer of American origins. He is a pastor at megachurch in New York city in Brooklyn area called Love Fellowship Tabernacle. He had released many albums on Verity Records and Benson records called Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir.

Hezekiah Walker was born in the state of New York in Brooklyn. He went to Long Island University where he was majoring in the sociology. He went to Hugee Theological Seminary or New York School of the Bible. In the year 2001, Hezekiah and The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir had been nominated to get the NAACP Image Award in the Best Gospel Artist award. The well known successful album is called Love is Love and for this, the group got a Grammy Award for it in the category of the Best Gospel Album by the Choir or the Chorus two times. Without under the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir, the church choir released the album called Recorded Live At Love Fellowship Tabernacle in the year 1998. At LFT Church Choir, there is a large number of the youth who are into hip hop ensemble compared to the predecessor and the album reached to Top 5 in Gospel Chart of Billboard and it was nominated for the Grammy Award in that year.

Hezekiah Walker is referred to as the Hip Hop Pastor since there are a large number of the high profile secular hip hop artists who go to his church. The examples are Sean Diddy Combs and Lil’Kim. Some of the singles he produced are every praise, souled out, Let’s Dance and 99 1/2. Some songs such as grateful, amazing and i need you to survive, they can be viewed online and their lyrics are available.

Hezekiah Walker is a singer, Pastor, Bishop, director, singer, writer and a song writer. He was married to Monique. She met with Walker in the year 1992 and they had a daughter called Kaysia Monet. Monique is multi talented and she co-starred in the movies with Morgan Freeman. However after the divorce, Monique dropped Walker name and took up Davenport. Hezekiah Walker has helped many young people to come to choir and gospel music. He had shown that he does not care to have to use modern vernacular or the recording techniques in order to expand the worship base.

Hezekiah Walker had to demand the apology from the media that started the rumor that he separated from his wife because the wife found out that he was a gay but he did not agree with it. Even if he has a public figure, many things about him are not found online. His wife and Hezekiah Walker did not want to comment on the allegation about his being gay or having separated. His net worth is 8 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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