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Orel Hershiser is a reputed American former Major League baseball pitcher. Later, he became the color analyst and a professional player of poker. He used to play baseball in his school and later in 1979 he was selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers. He played a number of minor leagues and then in 1983 made his debut with the Dodgers. He played 18 major leagues. His friends used to call him with name of bulldog as he was very competitive. He played for Cleveland Indians, New York Mets and San Francisco Giants and won many rewards including the Gold Glove, Most Valuable Player Award in National League Championship Series, CY Young Award and many more for his outstanding job.

Hershiser got this talent from his father as his father was a coach. Hershiser had a partial scholarship and he left the school. His parents convinced him to return to school and improve his grades. And then his career started rising from minor leagues to major leagues. During his Final years with Dodgers, he had an injury in the shoulder of his pitching arm. Soon he got recovered and did a grand comeback in the game. In 2006,  he started playing poker and after retirement from baseball he came a poker instructor.

He got married to Jamie Byars, the daughter of an employee in a company in 1981. They had their first meeting was at a team party when Hershiser was playing in San Antonio. After six weeks of their first meeting, they both got married. Orel had two sons named Orel Leonard V and Jordan from his first wife. Everything was going very fast. Their marital life was going smooth. He used to travel a lot to play games around. He had to remain away from his family most of the time. It was getting hard for him to deal with his personal and professional life simultaneously. But the most important requirement for a happy marriage life is time which Orel was having in very less for his family. Things were not going good and finally they signed a divorce in 2005.

After getting separated from his wife, Orel started dating Dana Deaver, an educational specialist who was on a tour for her work. They both met in Minneapolis in the year 2005. They both continued their relationship and then in 2010 they got married in Vegas. After one week they informed the media. This time Orel did not repeated the same mistake as he had done earlier. Orel and Dana took their time to understand each other and then decided for the marriage. Now Orel is living with Dana Deaver and her two children, a son Spencer and a daughter Sloane in Las Vegas. Besides being a player, Orel is also an author. He wrote two books- Out of the Blue and Between the Lines. His net worth is 20 million dollars.  

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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