Harris Faulkners

Harris Faulkner is a television personality in the Fox News Channel. She co-anchors the morning show of Fox News Channel. She also anchors the radio program at Fox News Channel.

Harris Faulkner was born in the year 1965. She is employed as a journalist in Fox News Channel. She is very popular as a co-anchor and hosts the show ‘Fox & Friends.’ Moreover, she appears as a guest host for the several television programs. She became a graduate in Arts from the University of California, in Los Angeles. She is a happily married to Tony Berlin. They together have two children. Though there are many articles regarding her marriage and affairs, but she had never had an affair or a girlfriend in his life till now.

After becoming a graduate from the University of California, she started her career with LA Weekly as a reporter. Later, he joined KCOP-TV in Los Angeles where he worked as a host. She also co-anchored the show on the WNCT-TV in the North Carolina. In the year 1992, she joined the WDAF-TV as an anchor for the evening show.

She has also worked as a correspondent in the KSTP-TV. She also hosted A Current Affair television show for the same channel. She joined as the presenter in the Fox News Live. She used to write catchy headlines for the channel. This was a part time position offered to her as a part of her training period. She has worked in several segments of Fox News. There are also some Fox News Channel television series which she has co-anchored with many other television personalities.

Her anchoring skills have fetched a lot of popularity for the channel. It has also increased her number of followers on her social networking accounts. Besides showing her talents as a news reporter and an anchor, she established herself as a speaker. She wrote several speeches which were motivational. She also used to post it in her blogs on a regular basis. Her speeches became very popular among the people and she was also praised for her innovative writing skills.

She is a very social person and visits the NGOs and orphanages on a regular basis. She got into her speech writing especially to donate some funds to these orphanages and NGOs. She has also portrayed various problems in the society. She specifically wrote about the causes of these problems in the society and suggested solutions. She believed that to bring a change in the society, one must do something about it.

She has won several awards and certifications for her interesting work profile. She has also received six Emmy Awards for being the best newscaster. As far as her personal life is concerned, she is happily married to Tony Berlin who is also a famous news reporter on the WCCO-TV. The couple got married in the year 2003 and there is still no news about their split or divorce.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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