Gretchen Hillmer

Gretchen Hillmer (full name Gretchen Renee Hillmer Bonaduce ) was born on September 24, 1965 in Waukegan, Illinois. Her mother’s name is Wanda Hillmer. There is quite a little information about her early years and education.

She has made her appearances in numerous movies and TV shows like “Re-inventing Bonaduce” and “Breaking Bonaduce ”. In the 2015 she played in the film “Lord of the Freaks”, which was directed by Andrew Treglia. In addition, Gretchen tried herself as a rock singer. Previously she was a member of cover band, which called “The Fatal 80's”. They had a pretty short career way in the end of 80s.

In the 1993 she played Debbie in the film “America's Deadliest Home Video ”. Previously, she appeared in the TV series “Biography". In the 1996 she appeared in the TV series “E! True Hollywood Story”. Later she appeared in another TV project, which was titled “VH1: All Access”. In the 2002 she played in the TV series “SoapTalk”. In the same year, she got an episodic role in the TV series “Dr. Phil”. She also played with a guest role in the TV show “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch”. She also worked on producing several small television projects.

She was married to Danny Bonaduce. In fact, the day that they married was the day when Gretchen and Danny met each other. It was November 4, 1990. Gretchen was the second wife of Danny. They met each other on a blind date and it was a great adventure for them. The couple got to divorce on November 5, 2008, after 18 years of marriage. The official reason of their divorce was an irreconcilable differences.

Her ex husband is known as radio and television personality as well as comedian and professional wrestler. Her first marriage was somehow magical, their meeting and how they got married, seemed strange to many, but even though their marriage fell apart, they lived shoulder to shoulder for 16 long years and their actions could not be called infantile. The couple had two children together, named Isabella Michaela Bonaduce and Dante Jean-Michel Valentino Bonaduce. Danny was dated with Amy Railsback since 2007, currently she is his third wife.

Gretchen married again to Kevin Starr. Kevin is known as a musician. Gretchen is a very talented woman who has tried herself in various branches of art and the media industry. Now she devotes more time to music and vocals. In TV projects, it appears rarely. Her start on television was due to her first marriage with the charismatic Denny.

Despite being a celebrity, she chooses not to disclose the details of her personal life to her fans. She also seems to be focusing more on her career as an actress. After her success she is still very calm and collected. She is a very down to earth woman and has avoided controversies because of this reason. So she is not much popular in social networking sites due to her low profile. Her net worth is still under evaluation.