Grant Achatz

Grant Achatz is a famous American chef and restaurateur who was born on 25th April 1974 in Michigan, USA. 44 years old Grant has earned a fair share of fame in a very little time. He is one of the best chefs in the United States. Although he started from the zero station, he is no ordinary chef. He got himself recognized as the best chef in his early years working as a chef.

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Personal Life

Grant was born to a small restaurant owner on 25th April 1974 in Michigan, USA. His father owned a restaurant in Michigan so he grew up in such an environment that influenced his career path. He grew up in his hometown and got his early education in a local school in Michigan. His biography is full of great achievements. When he was a teenager, he used to work at his father’s restaurant where he developed his interest in cooking and culinary.

After completing his early education, he went to join the Culinary Institute of America. As soon as he graduated, he got his job at a restaurant named Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago. Working in small and local restaurants and gaining experience, he kept on advancing towards his goal.

Despite numerous success in his field, he faced a lot of difficulties in life. On 23rd July 2007, he announced that he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. Initially, a surgery was suggested for his treatment which would cause a large neck tissue loss.

Later, a chemotherapy course was suggested to treat his medical condition by the physicians from the University of Chicago. He went through the full chemotherapy course and got fully recovered, but there were some side effects and he lost his sense of taste for a period of time which came back after some time. He announced that he had gotten rid of cancer on 18th December 2007.

He was married Angela Snell and they have 2 children together. Unfortunately, their marriage fell apart and they sought a divorce in 2006.


Grant has a very successful career. After leaving Charlie Trotter’s, he went to work at a famous restaurant named French Laundry in California. He became a Sous chef after doing his best at this restaurant for 4 years.

He moved to Chicago in 2001 to join the Trio as an Executive Chef. In 3 years’ time after his arrival, the restaurant went to a 5-star rating from 4 stars. Grant didn’t stop there and went on opening his own restaurant named Alinea with his partner Nick Kokonas in 2005. With his partner, he has published a recipe book containing 100 of his recipes and later they published more books in hard form and online too. Grant and his restaurant achieved a lot of honors and awards over the years. He was mentioned among the best new chefs in 2002.

His restaurant was listed as the best restaurant in America in 2006 by Gourmet Magazine. He got Jean Banchet Award for the best celebrity chef and best fine dining. For more than a decade, his restaurant is being listed in the top 50 restaurants in the world. He also holds more than 5 James Beard Foundation Awards. As of now, there is no mentioning of his net worth, but being a celebrity chef it is definite that he worth a lot.

01 Nov, 2018