Geoffrey Zakarian

Geoffrey Zakarian is a popular American chef. He is also a famous television personality and a restauranter. He has also established himself as a talented author.

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Personal life

Geoffrey Zakarian was born in the year 1959 on July 25th. He grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts in the United States to his Armenian American parents. He grew up with his sister and brother. His father was a musician and his mother was a home maker. However, they lead a lower middle class lifestyle as the family income was not very much. Geoffrey’s father was the only earning member in the family and affording the expenses of the whole family was not possible.

Geoffrey’s father was not very popular in the music industry and leading to the financial crisis, his mother, had to take up part time job. As both his parents worked, he had to take care of the house as well. They could not even afford a cook so being the elder son of the family, he had to cook for his siblings. From the early age of eight, Geoffrey used to cook for his siblings. Though initially it was a necessity, he eventually developed a passion towards it.

He used to do several experiments with different ingredients, which improved his cooking. Even in his school, Geoffrey took great interest in cooking classes. He was known in his school for his amazing creativity and presentation in cooking. Though his mother took great pride in him, his father did not support him completely. He wanted his son to pursue music as his passion but he hardly had any interest in music.

Geoffrey went to the Worcester State University to pursue his bachelor’s degree with a major in economics. He completed his bachelor’s education for his parents’ sake. After completing his university education, Geoffrey moved to France to pursue his passion of becoming a chef. Whenever he got any time, he used to read dramas which developed his passion towards writing. From early childhood, Geoffrey wrote many poems and articles. This was his only hobby other than cooking but he never thought of pursuing it as his profession. When it comes to his personal life, he shares a lot with the social media.

Zakarian was married to Heather Karaman. The couple was married to each other for a period of ten years. The couple got divorced leading to some differences between them and after that, in the year 2005, Geoffrey married Margaret Anne Williams who is a successful marketing executive. The couple has also been blessed with two daughters and a son.


Geoffrey worked with the popular chef Daniel Boulud after going to France. He did internship with the chef for a few years and after that, he got the chance to serve at a hotel. When he was forty four years old, he became the executive chef of a popular restaurant. This success in his career brought him to the limelight for the first time. Due to the successful career graph, Geoffrey has a high net worth.

01 Feb, 2018