Margaret Ann also known as Ann-Margaret is an actress who became a star when she was just out of high school. She had a stellar career but her personal life was able to take some tough turns. Besides being an actress, she is also an entertainer and a singer. She does not like to do too much interviews because she likes more her privacy. She is an introspective person and not a show person. She does not like to go out to parties and she is not on red carpet person. She likes to stay in her home with her husband Roger Smith, motorcycle, a dog and kitties. They live in the same home since 1968. It was George Burns who saw her and took her to Las Vegas. She performed there for ten day and for ten nights and this is when everything opened up and she became famous.

From the time she was younger as four years, she liked to make people think, to make them smile and to make them feel better or to have any type of emotions as they want. When she was younger, she was expected to wed Elvis but instead it was Roger Smith that she married. According to Margaret Ann, she knew with their third date that he is the man she will get married to since it felt right to be with him. What she liked more about him was that he will give her a home and he did.

In the year 1980, Roger was found out to suffer Myasthenia Gravis diseases that attack neuromuscular and it causes too much weakness. Even if the diseases attack people in different ways, Roger suffers a remission from time to time. However, this did not affect their marriage and she stuck with him. The marriage worked out because they like one another and they still do laugh together. Her full biography has been recorded in the autobiography she wrote in 1994 called Ann-Margaret, My Story.

Margaret Ann had to deal with some drinking problems but she says that she was able to deal with everything even if she cannot say that she has overcame it. She was born in Sweden and lived there for 6 years and moved to live in US. Together with her family, they attended Lutheran Church and she likes to pray while she always tries to find something good in people. Margaret Ann has starred in the movies like Viva Las Vegas, Carnal Knowledge, Bye Bye Birdie.

Her husband Roger LaVerne Smith was born in the year 1932 and he is American film and television actor and a screenwriter. He was in television detective series called 77 Sunset Strip and in Mister Roberts comedy. He was married first to Victoria Shawn and they had 3 children before they divorce in 1965. Margaret Ann’s net worth has not been recorded.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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