Frank Kern is an American origin entrepreneur who is an expert in internet marketing, hence rightfully named as one among the top gurus in the field. He also works as a business consultant.

Personal Life

Frank Kern was born on the 30th of August in 1973. Just like many successful entrepreneurs, Frank Kern too started off doing small jobs, he worked as a salesman in Macon, who went door-to-door selling machines for credit card processing, who heard the word ‘no’ frequently. During his time as a salesman, he lived in a trailer, working hard and looking for a way to find a better residence.

When Frank came across a few tapes by the life coach Tony Robbins and listened to it, he got the motivation and push to set his mind to begin something new. Shortly after this, Frank showed interest in an emerging field called the internet and learned to make money off it. He went a little further and took courses from Cory Rudi to known how to earn a good sum from this new field. All these steps led to the making of one of this century most renowned names in the Internet Marketing Business. Frank married his long-time girlfriend, whose name is not known, the couple is blessed with three children.


Frank Kern began by creating an online book or an eBook written by a hired writer, titled ‘Teach your parrot to talk’, the book was a huge success as it covered all the fields a parrot owner would want to know about. The book alone earned him an income of 3000 dollars per month. Looking to expand his business, he went on to build a course, which generated websites for around six hundred breeds of dogs automatically.

The websites he created in 2005 produced sales of about a million eBooks in 2006. Within two years, the entreprenuer sold the successful business and pursued his love for teaching budding entrepreneurs to earn money online. A large number of people attend his seminars and talks, through which he earns about 25000 dollars for each ticket sold. He profits off the title of the guru he has earned through his expertise in the internet marketing field through video marketing.

The Annihilation Method released by him produced 1.4 million dollars in just four hours. The Pipeline Profits, an online campaign earned him three million within a day. StomperNet was Frank’s most popular and successful projects launched till date, it created an income of eighteen million in online orders in just a few hours. His seminar under the name ‘Serializer’ was sold at 1.4 million dollars in less than an hour for a price of ten thousand dollars per individual. The main source of Fran Kern’s income is the business consultancies he does for clients.

When Kern is asked about the secret of his success he claims it to be a result of his belief that nothing is impossible if you decide to work hard for it. According to records, Kern’s internet marketing company produced an income of 6.5 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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