Egypt Sherrod is versatile and creative woman who is called as ‘America’s’ most beloved real estate agent’. Don’t think her only as a real estate agent. She is actually a Television and radio personality who is also renowned for her home space expertise. Yes, she has a vast experience in real estate business which is over fourteen years. But, she gained her title by her charismatic personality and entertaining TV appearance. She has a striking facial similarity with the Indian actress Bipasha Basu. Her bio is an example of patience and poise.


Her birthplace is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is quite an educated girl in her field. She has a thought of getting into media from those days. That is the reason why she studied theatre and the institute was New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She had also a degree in broadcasting and telecommunication. There is no information available about her parents at this moment.


She has a tremendous experience of working in the sector of real estate. She is considered as one of the best realtor of United States of America. She hasn’t gained this reputation in one day. She worked very hard and considering the timeline she spent in this field, it’s obvious that she knows every ins and outs of this segment. She appeared in many television shows which are based on property business. Her shows include Flipping Virgins & Property Virgins, Today’s Show etc. She is considered as one of the most knowledgeable persons in America. She has her license in two states and her expertise doesn’t stop within advising people how to get a good home. She wrote books on this topic also. The name of the book is, “Keep Calm…It’s Just Real Estate: Your No-Stress Guide to Buying A Home”. She is a regular columnist for Atlanta Magazine. She founded an organization which is basically a nonprofit organization to make people realize the importance to owning a home. She has been engaged in many social activities and social works which made her a people’s person over the years. She acted in a film too. The name of the film is, “Life, Love, Soul”.


She used to have a very bulky figure which after some time she didn’t like. So, she start going gym and after a vigorous routine, she had a appreciating ‘weight loss’ and now she is very good looking and sensual in every sense. She married Mike Jackson who is a DJ by profession. His nickname is Falafel Jackson. They have a beautiful daughter. Their relationship was going good until suddenly she appeared in a function without her wedding ring. But eventually it was found out that it’s not a big deal. Any rumor related separation was wrong. They are living a private life since their baby girl was born. It’s been confirmed that they are living a happy life together with their kids. Egypt’s net worth is an astounding amount of 2 Million dollars. Even for a successful woman like her, it’s pretty amazing figure.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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