Eamonn Walker was born in the year 1962. He is a theater, television and film actor of British citizenship. In USA, he played Kareem Said in the television series OX of HBO. For this role, he won CableACE Award. He played as Winston in the In Sickness and In Health together with John Otheloo. It was the production of ITV1. From the year 2012, he played in the Firehouse 51 Battalion Chief Wallace Boden for Chicago Fire and the spin off, Chicago P.D.

From his biography, he was born in the city of London, her father is a Grenadian and the mother is a Trinidadian. She was brought up in the city of Islington of London. He lived for six months in Trinidad when he was nine years. He went to Hungerford School in the city of Isligton and started the social work in University of North London. He was training like a dancer and afterwards, he joined the Explosive Dance Theatre Company of London. However, because of the abscess of the calf muscle, it forced him to stop dancing. He did his studies at New York Film Academy of United States.

He made the first acting debut in the year 1983 at the stage of London when he was playing East End Punk Rocker of the musical known as Labelled With Love. This was based on the music of a pop band called Squeeze. The first television appearance was in the year 1985. He appeared in the episode of a second series called Dempsey and Makepeace and it aired at ITV in the year 1985. The next television appearance is in the Dramarama, which is a children’s anthology series at ITV. In the same year, he was Winston, playing as a council carer, gay and black and he was the torn at the side of Alf Garnett for the series 1-3 of In Sickness and In Health of BBC One. In the year 1987, he appeared in episode of Bulman aired at Granada TV and in the ninth series of Tales of the Unexpected in 1988. In the year 1988, he won a role of PC Haynes at ITV’s The Bill. For the U.S television and Hollywood, the first appearance was in the miniseries called Supply & Demand in the year 1997. This is the same year when he won a major role in the American Television Drama series OZ at HBO. The last work was in the production of Steppnewolf Theatre Company called Between Riverside and Crazy.

Eamonn Walker is a family man; he is married and has three children with his wife Sandra walker. His two children are twin. During one interview, he said that he wanted to be dancer but got a leg operation that made him to stop dancing and this is how he turned to acting. He always says that he is happy acting. His net worth is around 2 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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