Dylan Dreyer

Dylan Dreyer is American television meteorologist who reports weather news on Weekend Today which is broadcasted on NBC platforms like NBC News and MSNBC.


Dylan Dreyer was born as Dylan Marie Dreyer on August 2, 1981 in the state of New Jersey. She is a beautiful and confident meteorologist who completed her meteorology studies at the University of Rutgers in 2003. After graduating, she worked as a weather reporter in different media stations and she is among the most appreciated and admired meteorologists.

She is known to be beauty with brain. She is ready to learn new things and she is a hardworking person. To pay her grandfather a tribute, she got a turtle tattoo because he liked to call her a turtle. Her mother also has the same tattoo.

Weather Career

At the beginning of her career, Dylan started by working at the WICU station in Pennsylvania and the WJAR station in Boston. Dylan now works for NBC News where she reports and anchors the weather conditions on Weekend Today.

She also is a contributor to MSNBC on the weekends. She appears most of the time as a weather correspondent for The Today show on the weekdays and is a fill-in anchor when the main anchor, Al Roker is not around. Dreyer also has been working on the NBC News Network since September 2012.

Personal Life

Dylan Dreyer is tall with a height 5 feet with 3 inches and she is often called a super hot diva. She is not only tall but she is also beautiful with a dazzling personality. She likes to maintain her body and keeps all her perfect measurements. She looks gorgeous in any type of clothing type she puts on. She likes to wear A-line skirts with one piece short that helps her to flaunt her body and she puts on high heels to appear even taller than she is.

She has toned and sexy legs which adds the charm to her beauty. Her hair is brown and she likes to have a short haircut. She has the best and enchanting smile that adds a unique twist to her own looks. Dylan got her fame and made her name because of her great performance and beauty.

When it comes to her romantic life, Dylan Dreyer is married. She got married to her boyfriend in the year 2012 and they were engaged in 2011. Her husband is Brian Fichera. They got married in the cathedral of the holy Cross of Boston. They had a big wedding for their friends and family.

Her husband, Brian Fichera works as a studio technician at WHDH and this is where they met for the first time. They had first a professional relationship and it changed to romantic one after time. The couple has no child yet and they are living happy in New York.

Dylan Dreyer likes to cook and she does it in her free time. She also likes attend concerts, travelling and adventure expeditions. She is a beautiful person and a talented one.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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