Drew Tuma works as an American journalist and he is now working at ABC television, before he worked for CBS 3, TV3 Winchester and Fox television.

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Drew Tuma was born in the year 1988 and he celebrates his birthday on 17th June. He was born with a sister who got married in the year 2015. He is an uncle to the daughter of his sister. He likes to showcase his niece and parents on the social media and they spend quality time together.

Drew Tuma was born in the state of California in United States and he spent most of his childhood here. He went to Pennsylvania State University. He got a bachelor degree of Science in meteorology and got a minor for Wealth communication. He was born in the city of California and he is an American who belongs to the white ethnicity.

Married, husband, wife

Drew is known to be a handsome man and he has a number of the female followers. They are interested in getting to know more about him. However, he does not talk too much about his life and he only let the media to know what he only wants. Drew Tuma is not married yet and he has no wife by now. He had not been divorced, but at certain time, there was a rumor that he may be gay but there is no confirmation.

Drew Tuma is obsessed with socks and he likes to post the pictures of his interesting and colorful socks on the social media. Drew Tuma supports LGBT community and he is the member of the gay community. He attends the LGBT program to hear about the in-depth discussion on the issues which faces transgender, bisexual, gay and lesbian communities. In the year 2017, he was in the Beyond the Headlines show and he was discussing about LGBT community issue which people in Bay Area faces. The discussion was being discussed under Cherly Jennings, the meteorologist of ABC and then others joined such as Jeff Cotter, Sister Roma and Reggie Aqui.

Even if Drew supports gay community, he had not revealed that he is a gay on his turn or not. He does not talk about having any husband or partner, be it a gay partner or of opposite sex. Once he posted a picture together with Natasha Zouves and he said that it was a dinner date and people rumored that he may be her girlfriend but he never confirmed this. He said that they are good friend and a fellow anchor, who they normally met at work at 3 A.M


Drew Tuma started his job on Fox television Network and he worked there for only 7 months. He worked like an evening meteorologist for TV3 Winchester for 3 years. He did weather graphics while using TruVuMax Weather system. His mentors are Kathy Orr and Doug Kammerer.

26 Feb, 2019