Dr Andy Mauer

Born in 1965, Dr. Andy Maeur was raised in a religious home. Following his parents’ paths, Andy became a Catholic. Andy’s fame is based on his excellence at work as a chiropractor. Andy’s Instagram handle is @ajaymau, but he lacks an IMDb profile.  

Personal Life

Andy’s biography entails little as it relates to his early childhood as well as schooling life. It is known, however, that after high school, Mauer chose to pursue a career related to health and thus, became a doctor. As a doctor, Andy has been involved with physical fitness in many cases.  

Up to date, Andy has not been reportedly married and apparently, he is gay. His sexual orientation is proved by his relationship with Harvey Levin, a lawyer, and producer. Andy publicized his dating life (as a gay) in 2010 revealing his relationship with Harvey. Harvey – who founded TMZ, a celebrities’ website – crossed paths with Andy in the 1990s. By this time, Harvey was already a TV personality. 

In his narration, Andy’s boyfriend, Harvey, confirmed his joy and disbelief in the way the world has transformed. He recalls that during the time he was an industry newbie working in Los Angeles in an undisclosed local station as a reporter it was hard to express his sexual orientation as gay publicly. At this time, Harvey was still at a considerably young age – in his twenties – and thus, could not afford to lose his job simply due to his sexual orientation.

In the 80s, being associated with homosexuality was a vice that would not only ruin one’s reputation but also one’s career. The thought of this scared Harvey and thus, he chose to be extremely secretive. However, despite being secretive at work, Harvey’s friends were aware of his preference for male-male sexual relationships.

Regarding movies and TV shows, Andy is yet to feature in any movie. While on TV, Andy is not fond of publicizing his personal life. Andy’s boyfriend also has a tendency of avoiding TV chat shows that are live recordings. Harvey and Andy live together; their house is situated in California. Harvey is involved in many projects and has scoped nine awards for his broadcasting competency. Obviously, Andy has been a source of support all along including attending public events together. Andy’s net worth, as well as salary information, is not disclosed.           

Career Life

In present days, Dr. Andy Mauer practices his profession in the Southern California as a chiropractor. In addition to that, he once featured as a fitness consultant on the Muscle & Fitness magazine. Andy’s specialty proves beneficial to sportsmen since he deals with headaches, disc injuries, and neck and low back pain. To add more to that, Andy also participates in bodybuilding aside from being a doctor.

Apart from the Muscle & Fitness magazine, Mauer makes frequent appearances in other health-based lifestyle magazines. In these magazines, Andy explains how to develop muscles and a good shape by way of effective exercising. Additionally, he flaunts his body on covers of magazines showing off his muscles.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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