Andy Mauer was born in 1965.  He works as a chiropractor who is only famous because of his relationship with Harvey Levin, the founder of celebrity news website TMZ.


Andy is a native of California. His parents were religious people and they raised him as a Catholic. Andy’s Catholic background made growing up difficult for him. His religious teachings did not accept his sexuality. He was a gay young man who was confused because his religion was telling him that what he was feeling was wrong. He wanted to express himself but he did not want to upset his parents or his church. He had to hold in his true inner feelings until he was ready to be comfortable with himself and be comfortable with the fact that he had a different sexual preference than most of the religious people around him.

There is not that much public information about his family as well as his early childhood and education.  Since Andy is not a public figure, he has not revealed much of his personal life to the media. It is interesting because his partner, Harvey Levin is the founder of TMZ which makes all of its money exposing celebrities and their lives. Harvey has done a good job of protecting his own relationship and personal details away from the media and public.

Medical Career

After finishing his high school education, Andy decided to become a doctor and currently he is working as a chiropractor in Southern California. Dr. Andy Mauer once appeared on the pages of "Muscle & Fitness" magazine. The Beverly Hills based fitness expert and chiropractor specializes in Low Back and Neck Pain, Stress Reduction Disc Injuries, and Headaches. All of those ailments are very important problems in the sports world which gives Andy a long and never ending list of clients.

Passion For Fitness

In addition to his primary work as a doctor, he also is a bodybuilder. He frequently appears in various sports magazines articles about healthy lifestyles. He teaches people how to support their bodies. He provides lessons how to stay in good shape. He provides workout plans with effective exercises for the development of muscles. He also poses for magazines, appearing on the covers and showing off his impeccable body. He has worked hard to build his physique and is not shy about showing it off to people.

Relationship with Harvey Levin

Andy is no married yet but he is in a high profile gay relationship. Currently He is dating his longtime boyfriend Harvey Levin. Harvey is a producer, lawyer and founder of the number one website about celebrities called “TMZ”. The couple met each other during the end of 90s. Andy’s famous partner became a TV personality in the early 80s. Harvey came out to the media in 2010 as a gay man. He proudly proclaimed that he was gay and told the world about his loving relationship with Andy.


In his interview when he came out as a gay man Harvey said "I am moving back in my memory for a long time when I was made my debut on TV as reporter at a local station in Los Angeles and I actually remember at the time when I was in my late twenties and I surely remember this hell-like a big fear that if anybody in that newsroom on my job found out that I was gay, that it would be over for everything, my career and reputation. I really built it up in my head. I was so scared that somebody would find out about it. I think my close friends knew that I was gay but in professionally field I had to shut it out. And I was certain, at the time, that being gay it was a good cause for thinking "I’d get fired". So it was very hard and in addition became something like an agoraphobic.”

It was hard for Harvey to come out because he felt like he would be risking his career. At the time, he didn’t feel like he had a huge safety net to protect him from the possible backlash. When he made it big, he felt that there was no more reason to hide himself. He had gotten to the top of his industry and no longer had any shame about who he was deep inside.

When asked by Media Bistro how his career changed from being a professor to a television reporter to a reality show producer, Harry said, “It really was a long, tedious process. I was a law professor, then I practiced law and decided I wanted to go back to teaching. Then something really crazy happened where the dean of my law school took on this campaign against Proposition 13. They were looking for someone to debate Howard Jarvis and they needed somebody who didn’t own a home or looked like they were part of a special interest group. I started doing stuff on the radio and after the election, the radio station offered me a job doing a weekend show called Doctor Law, where I’d give advice. I started writing a similar column for the Los Angeles Times, and then started doing these appearances and ended up on Channel 4.”

Harvey has launched many media projects during the years in his career and he was also awarded by with nine Emmys for his excellent work. Andy is always his big supporter and by his side during media appearances. He has attended all of public events along with Harvey. He prefers not to speak about his personal life and does not appear on any live TV chat shows even he is specifically requested to speak about Harvey.

Now Andy resides along with his boyfriend in their own beautiful house in California. Andy and Harvey are owners of a 1,800 square feet beach-front condo in Marina Del Rey. They bought the home together in 2003. There is no information about Andy’s salary as well as his net worth because of his private nature.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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