Diego Luna was born in the year 1970 and he is a director, producer and actor of Mexican nationality. He started the career, while acting in telenovelas and then changed and appeared in different films like Star Wars, Rudo Y Cursi, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Y Tu mama Tambien and Rogue One. He is among the owners and founders of Canana films.

According to his biography, Diego Luna was born in the city of Mexico and his mother is called Fiona Alexander and she was a British Costume designer. She was working in the film industry and he made sure the son immersed into this type of life. Her mother died because of accidents when he was only two years. The father Alejandro Luna is the acclaimed theater, opera and film set designer. This is what reinforced important of arts and theatre in the life of Diego Luna. He would take him to the sets and would mentor him in some skills regarding this art. This cultivated the desire of becoming the actor and to uphold a family tradition.

Diego Luna was a troubled son in the telenovela called El Premio Mayor and then played in Y Tu Mama Tambien. He was in Milk, a biopic film of Gus Van Sant. He appeared in The One That Got Away music video of Katy Perry. He then appeared in the biopic of Cesar Chaves.

When it comes to his personal life, Diego Luna got married to Camila Sodi in the year 2008 but they divorced in the year 2013. The two have two children; a son called Jeronimo born in the year 2008 and a daughter called after the mother of Luna called Fiona. He had worked for Suki Waterhouse from 2015. Together with Garcia, they co-founded the ambulance A.C. This is the organization with the film festival that works through bringing the documentary films to the recommended places. This is an organization which got Washington Office on Latin American Human Right award in the year 2011. In the year 2015, Luna did appear at Board of Directors and then narrated a video on the barriers which children who migrate from the home country do face. This was after seeking the refuge in the United States.

Diego Luna had won different awards such as Best Actor for Premio Marcello Mastroianni award and MTV Movie Awards for Y Tu Mama Tambien. For Nicotina, he was MTV Movie Awards for the favorite Actor, Worst smoker and Best Performance. For Milk, he won Critics Choice Award for the Best Ensemble, for Casa De Mi Padre, he won the Imagen Award for Best Supporting actor in Feature film and in Cesar Chavez, he won Audience Award for Narrative Spotlight. He has a net worth of 4 million dollars and he is available on different social media such as twitter at @diegoluna and Instagram at diegolunaluco.