Diana Plese is an Optometrist who is famous for her marriage with Robert Herjavec, Shark Tank investor and multimillionaire.

Personal life

Diana’s parents’ names, details about siblings or other information about her childhood are not known to media. It is said that her parents are Croatian immigrants who moved to Canada. There are no details to how they met. It is said that Diana was Robert’s eye doctor. She met him when he was just 26 years old and was not as rich as he is now. Her age when she met him is not known as Diana’s birthday is not known to media. Diana and Robert were married for 25 years before they broke up in 2015. She has three kids with him. Two of them are in high school and one is in college. Their divorce was not a smooth one. Till date, neither of them has given a clear reason to why the marriage didn’t work out. The drama with the divorce started with the kids. After the separation from her husband, her kids stopped talking with their father. This broke Robert and he was suicidal. Later, he recovered from it.

Financial settlement drama

The next step of drama was the financial settlement. Since there was no pre-nup signed, the fight for property was ugly. Robert and Diana fought for her share of $200 million net worth of Robert. Apart from this, he owned a lot of homes, planes and sports cars. Diana claimed that she needed $263 million worth property from Robert, which left him stunned. After a few months of an ugly battle, they came to a conclusion about the money and properties. Diana got half of his whole properties. This accounts to $100 million.

After separation, Diana took the kids with her to Canada. After a year from the divorce, Robert get engaged to Kym Johnson. Diana is assumed to be single now and has not started the dating game. Robert is said to have made Kym sign a pre-nup that would safeguard his fortune if the marriage ends.

Divorce reason

Neither of them gave a clear idea to why the marriage did not work out. It is said that Diana was irritated with Robert’s optimistic views always. He used to her Miss. Negative. There are no evidences to prove the existence of any extra marital affairs or domestic violence in their marital life. It is said that they were separated for a long time before the divorce proceedings started.

When the divorce case came into the media’s radar, people assumed that the reason for divorce is his partner in the dance show, Kym. Kym had posted a lot of pictures of her with Robert in Instagram. She also mentioned that their dancing style is hot and illegal in New Jersey. Though there were rumors about an affair between them, nothing was proved. The interesting part was; though Robert denied the rumor, he ended up getting engaged to Kym after a year from divorce.


She is a doctor by profession. Since she came into limelight after her marriage and never gave out any interviews about her childhood or career, there is nothing that we know about her career growth, current career details and others. She got a great chunk of money from the divorce and it is assumed that she is pretty settled down.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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