Deon Cole is an actor, comedy writer and comedian who is famous for being a part of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

Personal life

Deon Cole is very secretive when it comes to his personal life. This caused a lot of gay rumors to pop up. Cole killed those rumors with a joke and clearly mentioned that he is not gay. He also thanked for the rumors. He has joked a lot about his first girlfriend. He is currently not dating anyone. Though his stand-up comedy lines talk a lot about girlfriends, he was never seen with anyone after he has attracted limelight. He has never shared a reason to why he has been putting off his dating life to the side.

Details about his parents, siblings and childhood are not known to media. His biography is a total secret, when it comes to personal life. He never shares any intimate details. He is active on social media but, he always shares jokes and funny tweets instead of intimate information. None has come up to the media to talk about his personal life. Whenever there is a rumor about him, he immediately talks about it and clarify the air. Thus, if he has seen someone interesting and start dating, he would definitely share it, without any delay. He once said that comedy is keeping him busy. Thus, it is assumed that he is a workaholic who has no time for romantic affairs.

He was never married or engaged before. He has never been a part of any celebrity relationships. He was never rumored to be dating anyone or having any extra marital affair. No woman has ever posted any picture of her with Cole. None of his friends have come up to media to talk about his personal life. Thus, it is very clear that there is a very less probability that we will be learning about his personal life, in near future. His net worth is 500 thousand dollars. He has not talked in detail about salary.


He is one of the writing staff of Conan, since 2010. He is also a cast member in Angie Tribeca, a sitcom since 2016. He has appeared in a lot of comedy bits and has received two nominations for Primetime Emmy. He started his career on a bet. One of his friends bet fifty dollars that he could not get up on the stage at a comedy show in Chicago.

He has performed many stand-up comedy shows like Lopez Tonight, Mash Up and others. He created his own company, Coled Blooded and produced a sketch comedy show, Deon Cole’s Black Box. It was premiered on TBS but was cancelled, the same year. He was also a part of Black-ish of ABC.

When asked about his career before being a stand-up comedian, he mentioned that he was into a little illegal thing. It is assumed that it was just a joke as there are no charges against him, till date. His past careers are not known to media. His future career plans are also not shared with media.