Deitrick Vaugh Haddon, popularly known as ‘Deitrick Haddon’ is an American singer/songwriter, actor and music producer in one. Extremely talented and humble, Haddon is known among the best gospel singers of all time. With captivating energy and incredible music style, the 42-year old actor has won the hearts of many. The biography takes all his achievements into detail. Born to Joyce and Clarence Haddon in Michigan Detroit on May 17, 1973, Haddon got interested in gospels singing since his childhood because of involvement of his parents in religious matters. As he grew up, he got skilled in his gospel singing and with ‘Lost & Found', he came to limelight in 2002. It became quite a sensation at that time and Deitrick launched himself as ‘Christian R&B’ artist in the album. The album rose to the peak when it was announced as No. 1 on Billboard. All songs were great hits. However, 'Sinner’s Prayer’ from the album was widely acclaimed and received incredible responses from the audience. Haddon had earned a lot of fame and respect through his this album. However, this wasn’t the only album which made him a star that he is. In 2004, ‘Crossroads’ became an outstanding hit in that year and reached the top charts. Then singer then made his first appearance on a music TV series, ‘Soul Train’ to promote his album. He gave solo performances in the show. Until now, Haddon had become the epitome of gospel music. After this, the actor/singer didn’t seem refrain himself from his gospel singing and artistry. In 2006, he came up with ‘7 Days’, an album produced by ‘Tim & Bob’ (R&B producers). Another album, ‘Revealed’ in 2008 became quite popular among his fans, most popular song being, ‘Love Him Like I Do’. With another albums: ‘Church on the Moon’ by Verity Records, ‘R.E.D.’, ‘Masterpiece’, ‘Lost And Found’, Haddon had been successful in winning the hearts of many.

Apart from his singing vocations, Haddon was involved in other stuffs as well. He co-produced an album with his brother (Gerald) named ‘Brand New Day’ for popular gospel singers, ‘Vanessa Armstrong’. In addition, in 2010, he first made his debut on-screen appearance with ‘Blessed and Cursed’. Presently, the actor is playing the role of one out of six preachers from Los Angeles in a TV series, ‘Preachers of L.A.’. the show kicked off in 2013 thorugh Oxygen network. The singer turned actor has won many awards and nominations in his lifetime. One of them being: ‘Gospel Music Workshop of America Excellence Award’ for ‘Live with Life’.

Haddon has been currently married to wife Dominique Haddon since 2013. The singer-actor married her after breaking a 15-year old marriage with Damita Haddin. The reason for their divorce is the related to infidelity. He is socially connected to people across the world through social media: Twitter and Facebook. He has around 303k followers on Twitter. He has earned a lot of money through his singing and as a music producer which sums up his net worth to a whooping USD 10 million.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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