David Yount

David Yount was born in the year 1969, on date 29, August. His full name is David M Yount. His wife is Erica hill and they got married in the year 2005. They have two children now. The first boy is Weston Robert born in 2006, on 25 November and the second son is Sawyer Steven Yount, born in 2010, March, 23. They were also expecting a third child. David Yount works as lawyer.

Erica Hill is the co-anchor at CBS popular program such as CBS this Morning, CBS Evening News and The Early Show. Many people were surprised when she decided to leave the popular show of NBC called Weekend Today so that he can join the MSNBC as correspondent and anchor. The four years that he worked on NBC News, came to the end in 2016. She wanted to spend some time with the family.

Erica is of white ethnicity and she is happy with the husband for over 11 years now. Besides being a lawyer, her husband is LicenseLogix founder. They are known to have the chemistry and according to the twitter photos they shared at his birthday.

It was believed that she would return to CNN to join their HLN channel. She is among the female hosts who were listed together with Michaela Pereira and Robin Meade. She had worked for the CNN before up to 2010, however, she is about to go back there so that she can share some of her talents at the network.

According to her biography, Erica Hill is in charge of his show at HLN called On the Story with Erica Hill and it had been great up to now. She said that when she decided to leave NBC, it was all about her family since she had to work too much and she was not able to spend enough time with her two sons.

Even if there is not that much information about David Yount especially on imdb or other wiki, websites, more information about him is that he was born in the city of Indianapolis and he went to the law school to become an attorney. He also got a BA in Broadcasting Communication with San Francisco State University and then got the JD with The John Marshall Law School in the year 2006. From 1997 until 2000, he was working on ZDTV/Tech TV where he was the Director and also a Studio Crew Chief.

Afterwards, he became the Channel Sales manager at Akamai Technology. In the year 2002, he joined TRUSTe as account Executive. He is now working as CEO and founder of Licenselogix which is a company that focuses on the streamlining of the process of getting the business permits and licenses for different US entities. His net worth is not recorded online, the same as that of his wife Erica Hill.