Dave Foley is a famous Canadian stand-up comedian and actor. Dave Foley has also worked as a producer and a director. He is mostly known for being the co-founder of a comedy group called The Kids in the Hall.

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What is the Age of Dave Foley?

55 years old Dave Foley was born as David Scott Foley on 4th January 1963. His hometown is Etobicoke which is situated in the state of Ontario, Canada. Dave’s father, Michael, used to be steamfitter. The name of Dave’s mother is Mary and she was a housewife. According to Foley, he and his parents were very fond of TV and especially comedy shows on the TV. According to Dave’s parents, Dave was very fond of a comedy show named Dick Van Dyke Show.

Is Dave divorced? Who was his wife?

Dave has married more than once. Dave got married to Tabitha in the year 1991. This was Dave’s first marriage. Dave and Tabitha’s marriage could not last long enough and the couple got divorced in the year 1997. Dave got married to Crissy in the year 2001. Unfortunately, Dave’s second could not last for a long time and the couple got divorced in the year 2008.

Does Dave have any children? Do they live with Dave in his house?

Dave Foley is the father of 3 children. Dave has 2 children with his ex-wife Tabitha who was his first wife. Dave and Tabitha’s children are named Basil and Ned. Dave has also a daughter with his ex-wife Crissy who was his second wife. Dave’s daughter is named Alina. As Dave has children with two different women both of whom were his ex-wives, it is nearly impossible that his children would be living with him in his house. However, there is no detailed information about Dave’s current family life.

Dave Foley’s Career

According to Dave’s mother, Dave was very shy and he used to run away from the camera. Dave used to write stories and jokes and was very fond of reading the dictionary. One of Dave’s stories, which he wrote as a school assignment, made the whole class laugh which was a kind of his first step towards being a comedian. Dave never focused on studies so his parents got him enrolled in an alternative high school which was meant for intelligent students who struggled with the conventional way of education. Dave couldn’t last there either and dropped out of school in the year 1980 when he was 17. Dave decided to pursue his career as a comedian.

While doing improv acting in Toronto, Dave met his future partner Kevin McDonald. Dave and Kevin started to perform as a team in local shows. Dave and Kevin joined another comedy duo and also one solo comedian, together they created a comedy group named The Kids in the Hall. This comedy group was a great success. Dave also worked in a sitcom called NewsRadio. Dave Foley did voice acting and appeared in a lot of movies too. Dave Foley’s exact net worth is not known.

25 Dec, 2018