Daphne Zuniga

Daphne Zuniga was born on 28th October 1962. She was born in Berkeley, California of United States. She was born to Agnes A. Janawicz and Joaquin Zuniga. Her birth name is Daphne Eurydice Zuniga. The American-born actress is mostly recognized from her deep voice.

According to her biography, she enrolled herself into the acting in the year 1982 and is continuously striving towards her passion till today. She has played a variety of roles on the screen. Her acting talent is merged with a wide range of roles performed by her on screen.

She belongs to a mixed descent of Polish and Finnish from her parents. Her father worked as a professor at California State University, and her mother was a Unitarian minister. Her mother had conflicts and misunderstanding with herhusband. So, Daphne's parent'smarital relation could not last long, and they got separated. She also has two siblings Jennifer Zuniga and Rosario Zuniga.

She held an interest in acting from a very young age. She joined American Controversy Theater to pursue her interest in acting.She even worked In American Controversy Theater for some time. She was pursuing her acting interests at the same time she continued her university education.

In the year 1990, she gave an official launch to her career. She acted in a television series named “Melrose Place.” She was appreciated a lot by her audience for the role. She captivated the audience from her realistic and natural acting.

After the success of her first T.V series, she was offered a role in another T.V series “One Tree Hill.” The role in “One Tree Hill” completed changed her life. After this, she was offered many roles in many TV shows.

Daphne has blue eyes, deep voice, and Raven dark hair. These features of her have also attracted many of her fans towards her. Her role as Princess Vespa in the movie Spaceballs is mostly loved by the audience. Other than this she also appeared in the movies like "the Sure Thing" in 1985, "Melrose place" in 1992-1999. Her 2008 movie "Male Order Bride" was rated well by the IMBD.

Although she had affairs in her past life, currently Daphne is single. Her affairs with Jason Gedrick was all over the air in the year 1986, but the relation could not last long. After that Emilio Estevez, had come in her life but this time to the relation failed. Her affairs with her boyfriends were not strong enough to turn into marriage. The 5 feet 8 inches tall actress with a beautiful body is enjoying her single life. Her salary is high, and she currently holds a networth of 2 million US dollars.

Her current age is 54 years old. She is an environmentalist. She desires to protect the environment led her to found Board of the LA River Revitalization Corporation. In the same context, she even did a documentary of the TED Conference "The Future We Will Create." The tall and sexy actress Daphne is appreciated by her audience due to her feature and incredible acting talent. He gained the love of her fans after working the field of the environment.