The British actor, singer and dancer Danny Jhon Jules is born on 16 September 1960 in Paddington London. He completed his schooling from “Rutheford Comprehensive School” in Penfold Street, Marylebone. The actor is best known for his work role as “The Cat” in the television series of “The Red Draft”. He acted as the policeman “Dwayne Myers” in the BBC One Series in Paradise.

Jhon’s career has taken in many aspects apart from appearing as his most famous character as "The Cat" in the hit children’s spy series, he has also made a various appearance as dancer and singer in the course of his career. Before appearing in television and film as an actor, Jhon was a dancer in many productions in West and end Theaters. He was also the member of the original cast of "Starlight Express" where he played as a boxcar called "Rocky I".

He has done a lot of struggle in his life and there is so much more to learn from his biography. In the year 1993, he released the song “Tongue Tied” From the Red Draft as a single which entered The Top 20 and was loved by a lot of people at that time. He featured his Red Draft stars and backup singers in the video. They simply billed himself as “The Cat” for the release. Featuring this song, a CD-EP was also released.

Not much is heard about his personal life since he likes to keep it a little secret from the entire. There have been rumors around the globe that he is gay but he never made an appoint to clarify that question himself. He is a married actor with two children for now. He has a very nice and romantic relation with his partner and has made several appearances with his wife on the media which also put an end to all the rumors about him. He is a very versatile person and talented actor which all the skills of acting, dancing and singing filled in him. He seems to be active on social media. He has posted many posts about his family members on Instagram.

His career started in the year 1975 where he played as the frog which warned of the dangers and consequences of the juvenile crime in the short film “Seven Green Bottles”. He gave his voice for the characters like Labyrinth and then again appeared in the year 1986 in “Little Shop Of Horrors”, “Lock, Stock Two Smoking Barrels”. He again appeared in the British film "Scum” where he played a fight scene which was loved a lot by the audience. He even developed many shows under his direction. One of his famous directions is “Motor Bike diaries”. He even appeared in the as the dancer in the music video “The Edge of Heaven” by the band Wham. He has given his voice for the character “Gex “. The actor has millions of dollars as net worth and is living a luxurious life since the struggle of the life has paid him off.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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