Danielle Soibelman

Danielle Soibelman was born on June 14, 1999 with the full name of Danielle Rae Soibelman. She’s an American actress of white ethnicity, and was born in California. She spent most of her childhood inside of the United States of America, and spent most of her time growing up in America. She is an actress of American origin and is of white ethnicity. She’s currently 17 years old and is 5 feet 7inches tall. Danielle has American native parents, and has no known siblings other than her adorable cat.

A Young Start

Danielle broke into the entertainment scene at the age of eight, but she’s also famous for more than her acting skills. She became a famous child artist and made her first appearance on American television when she earned a gig on the show Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader. She charmed the audience making her a popular face in the audience. After she picked up popularity in the iconic game show, people discovered that she played in a movie named Felicia in 2008. Although she only had a small role in the film, the movie proved that Danielle had the acting skills to step charmingly step into important roles inside of entertainment.

Hard at Work

After being noticed in the trivia game show, the young actress continued to work hard until she scored an incredible performance in the movie Mental playing the role of Sara. On the very same year, Ms. Soibelman was praised for her performance in a voice over for the comedy The Chaperone. To top things off, this raising star happened to pull off another casting in Californication as the character Becca to spark an extremely successful 2011. The next year, she appeared in two more TV shows that helped build her growing resume. She was featured in Ladies of Rap and Dog with a Blog.

A Bright Future

Unlike some childhood stars, it seems that Danielle Soibelman is treating her acting career seriously. She’s earned a great reputation throughout the entertainment industry and has earned quite the name for herself across America. The odds are incredibly high that she will join the list of highly sought out actresses if she continues to build on her already impressive resume.

When Danielle plays a role, it seems that high expectations come with the expression and portrayal of her character. With almost two dozen roles filled, Danielle undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of her. This busy actress is just starting to get to work as she prepares to officially become an adult in 2017.

A Young Lady with Sealed Stardom.

Currently, the net worth of this young actress has not been revealed to the public. However, it’s clear that her focus is to build a career in acting. Danielle hasn’t revealed much about her personal life, and she’s kept her personal life under wraps. Outside of her cat, it’s not clear if she has a boyfriend or if she even intends to get one any time soon. One thing we do know is that we’ll be seeing her in prominent roles for years to come.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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