Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris is film director and American actress. She was known like the scream queen because she has participated in many horror films and this included the four entries for the Halloween series. In addition of the screaming queen reputation, she is also the child actress. She had a number of many independent films and a blackbusters like The Last Boy Scout, Daylight, Free Willy and Marked For Death. She is also well known for the voice acting and it included the role she had as Debbie Thornberry for complete TV series named The Wild Thornberry’s.

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Her biography starts in Plainview, in New York where she was born. She was raised by her mother called Fran and together with one sister called Ashley. Harris is a Jewish and when she was still living in Florida in her elementary school, she won the beauty contest and won a trip to go to New York City in ten days. She got called to attend modeling jobs, but she chooses to turn them down since she wanted something near their home. Her mother went back to New York because of her career, so Harris started working like a model. This is when she started to appear in the television commercials.

When she was seven years, Harris was the cast in Samantha Sammi Garretson role for ABC soap Opera One Life to Live. She stayed at the program for three years and the character he had was that of the miracle child and she was extracted in the womb of her dead mother as an embryo and had been implanted in the womb of a family whom the father married afterwards. As a child, she also made the appearance in the Spencer: For Hire where she portrayed the girl called Tara.

Taking into consideration her television work before, she auditioned for the Jamie Lloyd role for the fourth edition in Halloween Franchise. She got it over other many young actresses which included Melissa Joan Hart. She celebrated the eleventh birthday when she was on the set.

In the next years, Harris participated in the television project and did not continue with the feature films. She was in sitcom Roseanne and then in The Woman Who Loved Elvis. Danielle Harris is named like the Horror’s Reigning scream queen by New York Daily News and she was known as Natalie Portman of Horror according to Sylvia Soska a director. She had been on the cover of publication like Girls and Corpses, Invasion magazines, Scream Sirens and Invasion Magazines.

She was also the subject for a photo book called The Bloody Best Project. This is a collection of artistic pictures that showcase celebrities of horror film industry. When it comes to her personal life, Danielle Harris is married to David Gross and the marriage took place in Hawaii. She is a mother to Carter Davis Gross. Her net worth is 10 million dollars.

26 Feb, 2018