Journalism is the most powerful tool in the society through which one can bring a revolutionary change in the present social norms. Carrying such a responsibility is an elegant way is what defines the longest television anchor with CBS, Dan Rather.

Personal life

Being the eldest child of the three siblings, Dan was born in Texas way back on 31st October. He spent his childhood in the Houston working class community where his parents had shifted just after his birth. His father worked with the Humble Oil Company. It is said that the passion for future in any child takes shape in their tender age and the same happened with Dan.

At 10 years of age, when suddenly he had to go for a long bed rest for weeks due to rheumatic fever, the only pass time he has as to listening to radio broadcasts. The reports which were on air shared by the few pioneering war correspondents of the American civil war seeded the seeds of journalism and anchoring in Dan at such an early and tender age.

Dan finished his graduation from the Sam Houston State Teachers College, which was situated in Huntsville. He is known to be the first from his family who had earned a full college degree. Although his major was in journalism course but the college did not have much program on that subject, so he grew his knowledge by doing some on hand jobs while he was finishing his education. These experiences truly helped Dan in his long course of journalism and anchoring. During his college days, he had also worked as the campus newspaper editor, and was praised by his teachers and seniors during that time.

Rising Career

Rather’s career started at a very young age, and his first job was with the Huntsville radio station where he worked as the a part time staff, then he joined the Associated Press Wire Services and also the United Press International commonly known as the UPI. For a short while he also served with the Maine Corps, but had to retire as his childhood disease of rheumatic fever made his superiors to make him resign, as they felt it would be hard for him to persevere there.

Dan was the leading face of the CBS news being the anchor for the long 25 years of service with the company. From 1966 to 1974, he covered many civil war coverage’s and had done the CBS reports series. During his service with the CBS after competing and slowly rising the ladder up, he eventually succeeded the then famous anchor Walter Cronkite.

With that he also became the managing editor of CBS Evening News. March, 9th 1981 saw his first broadcast as the anchor and managing editor and it was an absolute hit with the viewers, and this brought fame and stability in his career. He was then on known as the Ratherisms, who was always eager to cover any international coverage overseas. He has also written many famous journalism books, and has a net worth of $70 million.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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