Colt Prattes

Colt Pirattes is known as a total package. He is a social media sensation, writer, stuntman, dancer and an actor. He started his career like a dancer. He started to act when he got hired in playing a fictional character of the Johnny Castle for the remake of the classic film of ABC called Dirty Dancing. When it was said that he will be taking up the role of Patrick Swayze, people started to ask themselves about his ability of playing the role. However, it did not take too long to convince people. If Prattes is not at work, or if he is not with the family, then he takes time to write. He is writing for the lifestyle blog for men called New Age Gents.

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Colt Prattes was born in America in the year 1986 from American parents. His age is 33 years old. He was born in Georgia. His parents worked like police officers and they were supportive towards his career. He went to the University of the Cincinnati and he got a degree there. He was born with brothers but their names are not recorded. His family did not think that he was serious until he became famous.

Married, wife, divorced

Colt Prattes is a married man and he is a husband to Angelina Mullins who is an actress, Broadway dancer, fitness model and commercial model. He became her husband in the wedding that took place in the year 2013. They had been dating for some time and their engagement was in 2011. By now, they have not given birth yet, but it is well known that they share a great love between themselves. His wife is known as an accomplished dancer and she appeared in the NBC television series called Smash of 2012. She also appeared in the revival cast of the West Side Story. She also appeared in the Great Performance of 1971 and in the Fleeting Moments of 2018. She attended prestigious Boston Ballet School and she appeared on Reebok and Lady Footlocker ads. She is an attractive model and her height is at 5 feet with 4 inches.

Colt Prattes appeared in the Try movie video of Pink and he went with her in her musical tour when he was his dancer. He is well known on the internet and he has a number of the followers. He has an Instagram account and he posts photos of his body. He likes to post how much he loves his wife on the media. It is important for him to stay fit for his characters and this is why he makes sure that he goes to exercising with his wife. He is the crossfitter and he normally goes into the Crossfit competitions. The Crossfit is known as the amazing fitness program and it requires high intensity and functional movement.

Net worth

Colt Pirattes’s net worth is 900 thousands.

04 Mar, 2019