Colleen Wolfe

Colleen Wolfe is a very popular television personality, all over the United States, who is best known for her hosting talents. She has appeared in a number of television shows as an anchor which has further increased her fame. She has worked with several popular channels of the television industry.

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Colleen Wolfe was born as a resident of Philadelphia. We could not gather information about her exact date of birth and neither has she revealed. As she was the only child of her American parents, she was pampered a lot from childhood. Both her parents worked in the academic world. Her mother was a college professor and her father worked as a flight instructor. She was greatly attached to her father and wanted to become like him in the future. She, as a child, excelled in many fields, including education!

She attended several classes like drama, dance, singing and recitation. She also had an interest towards poetry writing and essay writing. She has also published some of her works on various magazines when she was only a child. She was an active member in her school and was a part of almost all the co-curricular groups. When she stepped in her teenage years, she developed a keen interest towards sports.

Coleen loved to play soccer and held an important position in the team. Coleen has also won several trophies for her school. Among all these activities, she preferred singing most and wanted to establish a career in it. But as she grew up, she became interested towards politics and communications. She went to the Drexel University to pursue bachelor's degree in corporate communication. She had a passion for skating and visited hill stations during her holidays with her family and friends. She has mentioned in an interview that her parents have always been beside her and have encouraged her in every walk of life.

She started her career as a radio host at the channel WIP. She hosted the morning shows of the station. She has never kept herself stagnant in one single profession and has always switched from one profession to another. The people around her often thought that she is very impulsive but she loved to explore as much as possible in every fields of life. There was even a time when she wanted to start up a business but she got several job offers from the media industry which distracted her.

She took up the job as a sportscaster and as a host at popular channels like CN8 and Comcast SportsNet. After that, she has also worked with the NFL channel and CSN channel. Her interest towards sports fetched her many job offers from the sports channel. She is married to John since the year 2010. The couple have dated each other for quite a long time and is now leading a happy married life. There is still no news about their divorce or separation till now and neither she nor her husband shared anything regarding her children.

18 Dec, 2017