Cierra Ramirez

Cierra Ramirez is a beautiful and talented actress. She has already achieved a lot of popularity as an actress in the industry.

Cierra Ramirez was born in the year 1995 on March 9th. She was born in Houston and was the only daughter of her parents. She did not have any siblings so she was pampered a lot from her childhood days. As she was born in a rich family she never had to face any kind of difficulty during her growing years. Her father was a famous business man and her mother helped her father in his business. Her mother was also a very popular fashion icon. Cierra was very beautiful since her childhood days.

As her mother was a fashion icon she learnt various fashion tricks from her mother. She also developed a smart personality which was not very common among the children of her age. When she was only six years old, she started taking part in fashion shows and modelling. She was a fitness freak like her mother and always followed her routine. She used to do yoga with her mother to maintain her fitness and figure.

When she went to high school, she came to be known as the most beautiful girl in the school. It was a co-ed education school so when she became a teenager, she started having a lot of boyfriends. It has been recorded that she was involved in a lot of affairs during her high school days. She also used to hang out with her friends and threw parties often. Besides all these recreation activities, she balanced her studies and passion very well. She was a very good student during her school.

When she graduated from her high school she decided to pursue her father career as an actress. She was already very popular on the social media sites and had a wide number of followers. This made it very easy for her to make her film debut. Her first television debut was made in the year 2006. Though it was a small role but her performance was praised in CSI: Miami.

In the next year, she was casted in a series of Disney channel named as The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. She played the role of a young camper named as Jasmine in the show. Due to her excellent acting skills, she was even featured in many films such as the Girl in Progress and many others. She even secured an award for her excellent supporting role in the ALMA Award program.

Her notable role in the television series of the ABC Family which was named as The Fosters, fetched her a lot of popularity. The show has already completed four of its seasons and now it is soon going to release its fifth season. Her musical career is also in a good pace. She has worked with various musical groups from an early age of only ten years. Her musical journey began with Showtime at the Apollo. She has performed the popular song known as “Apollo Kids Star of Tomorrow”.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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