Christopher Reid

The famous American Actor, Comedian and Former rapper Christopher Reid was born 5th April, 1964 in New York. His original MC name was the Kid Coolout, that’s why he was also known as the kid. He was the member of a late 80s hip hop music group Kid ‘N Play. The Group rose to prominence due their album Funhouse that emerged in 1990s. The album was on number 58 from Billboard 200. After the two years album also went golden. The basic source of her income and overall worth was is appearances in movies as an actor and his work as a rapper. The estimated net worth of the actor is about $100 thousands.

Early Life of the Christopher

Christopher Reid was born in Bronx New York. He spent his early life there. He attended the Bronx High School of Science. He attended the miles college and later attended the Lehman’s college from where he graduated. He started his career as a rapper in late 80s. His famous work was the album Funhouse. His famous works as rapper include the 2 Hype in 1988, Kid ‘n Play’s Funhouse in 1990 and Face the Nation in 1991.

Career in Acting

Reid acted in many movies and TV series. The famous films of Christopher Reid include the House Party, House Party 2, Housparty 3, Class Act, War of the Worlds 2, The Next Wave, Supah Ninja, and House Party: Tonight’s The Night, The Temptations and The Mad. Apart from this Reid has worked in many TV series too. The famous amongst these is the Supah Ninjas of the Nickelodeon’s TV series. His appearance in the “Sorry for Party Rocking”, is also appreciated. Sorry for Party Rocking is a video of the LMFAO.

He also did the voice over work for a military shooter video game Spec Ops: The Line. Here, his role is to act as Lt. Alphanso Adams. The military man is the one of other three members who go I Dubai for investigation purpose. The game is much thrilling and ads a new genre to the world of video games. Writing for the theme song of HBO’s Real Time proved that Christopher is also a good poet.

Personal Life

Christopher Reid has a very unique personality. This can be attributed to the mixed ethnic background of the celebrity. Reid’s mother belonged from an Irish background while his father was Jamaican. Reid was only nine years of age when he has to pass through the shock of his mother’s death. After this his father took care of his brought up. He married his wife Kimberly Turner in 2004. The couple has a blessed life and there are no chances of divorce at all. They are blessed with three daughters Christina Reid, Cameron Reid and Cailin Reid. Overall; Christopher Reid is an owner of astonishing, good looking and charming personality. An all time smile on the face is what makes Reid more attractive and talk of the town. The tall and handsome Reid knows the art of attracting friends with good ties. He does not have any girlfriend..

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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