Dina Meyer is a television actress and she played Barbara Gordon for Birds of Prey, Dizzy Flores in the Starship Troopers and she was Detective Allison Kerry in Saw Films. She was Mrs Hong as a recurring guest star at Scoundrels of ABC.

From her biography, Dina Meyer was born in Forest Hills, in Queens city in New York State but afterwards she moved to live in Dix Hills in Long Island before finishing Junior High School. The first experience she had in entertainment industry, it was when she started to model when she was 16 years old. Dina Meyer went to live in the city of Los Angeles in the year 1993 so that she can start to play in the Beverly Hills 90210. She played as a cast of a female lead for Dragonheart and Johnny Mnemonic. She had been playing a regular role in Secret Agent man of UPN and Point Pleasant of Fox and also on the Birds of Prey. She has had many appearances on Ally McBeal, Six feet Under and Friends. She had additional guest star role which include Nip/Tuck, Burn Notice, The Mentalist, Castle and Criminal Minds.

She had been recurring roles in NCIS and CSI movies and in Scoundrels and Miss Match. She appeared in the Dead In Tombstone which is a Universal Films and she was opposite to Mickey Rourke. She played with Patrick Warburton and with Jesse Bradford in Sequestered web series. She was in Lethal Seduction as a television veteran where she was psychotic and sexy cougar who wanted to stop at nothing when it comes to get her own boy. This aired at Lifetime TV. She has a new project in Fishes ‘n Loaves: Heaven Sent. Meyer lives in the city of Los Angeles.

Dina Meyer is of white ethnicity and she wanted to become an actress from the early age. However, her parents did not like the idea but she did all she can to become a successful actress since it was what she wanted.

Dina Meyer is over 47 years old and she continues to be beautiful with the right height. This suit well her personality. She is tall and she has 5 feet with 7 inches which is over 1.70m. She had been able to maintain the best body measurements throughout her career. She likes to keep everything about her private and it is not clear if she got married or if she had a spouse. However, there is no record about having any husband or a divorce. She was able to succeed in the professional work and she was able to achieve everything she wanted. Her net worth is of 5 million dollars and she likes to connect with her followers and fans. She is active on the social Medias like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. She is more active on Twitter.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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