Christopher David Noth is an eminent actor in the film industry. He is also well known for his television roles. Early life Chris Noth was born in the year 1954, on November 13th. He was born to his parents Charles James Noth and Jeanne L. Parr in Madison, Wisconsin. He grew up with his two siblings. Amongst them, he is the youngest. His father was an attorney and his mother served as a television reporter. Noth has an Irish and German bloodline.

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After his father died in a car accident Chris traveled to Spain, United Kingdom, and Czechoslovakia with his mother and elder brothers. Noth received his undergraduate degree from Marlboro College, Vermont, where he lived in a cabin built by him. He performed in twenty-five plays at Yale School of Drama and received a Masters degree in Fine Arts. He was a student of Sanford Meisner.


Both started his career in the film industry from the movie Smithereen (1982) and Baby boom (1987) into which he had small roles. His first role as a lead actor was in an Indonesian film Peluru dan Wanita (Bullets and Women) in 1988. Noth stepped his feet in television industry from a show Hill street blues in the sixth season 1986. Noth came into limelight from the show Law and Order in 1988, it was aired by NBC in 1990. The show got appreciation from fans as well as the critics.

But things didn't end up well between Noth and the creator of Law and Order and he had to leave the show. Things settled down in 1998 movie Exiled: A Law and Order Movie. In 1988, Noth portrayed the role of “Big” in an HBO series Sex and the city. The show ran for 6 years.

While shooting for the show Noth also appeared in the film Cast Away (2008) and a play called The Best Man. Noth returned to his role of Mike Logan in 2005, Law and Order: Criminal Intent but left the show in 2008. Noth replayed in Sex and city film and it's sequels as ”Big”. In 2009 Noth starred in a CBS series ”The Good Wife”. Noth has been nominated twice in Golden Globe Awards.

Personal life

Other than acting Noth owns a club The Plumm and is co-owner of a music venue The Cutting Room. Noth’s wife Tara Lynn Wilson is an actress; he met her at The Cutting Room. She has worked in Frame of Mind and was part of Law and Order: Criminal Intent before Noth joined the cast. The couple was dating from 2004 and had a son in 2008. Noth named his son Orion because of his keen interest in a constellation called Orion.

The couple tied knots in the year 2012 on April 6th. Noth shares his personal life on the social media. He has his official Twitter and Instagram handle. His Twitter account goes by the name ”@realnoth” and has 7300 followers. He is on Instagram by the name ”chrisnothofficial” and has a respectable fan following of 63000 users.

27 Feb, 2018