Chris Jacobs

Chris Jacobs is a television host. He is popular for his appearance in many television shows and award functions.

Personal Life

Chris Jacobs was born in the year 1970 on January 30th. He was brought up in Chicago. He was the youngest child of his parents and had an elder sister. His sister was four years elder to him. His father was a news reporter and his mother held the position of manager in a company. His sister took care of him at home as his parents remained busy most of the time. He respected his elder sister a lot and listened to whatever she said to him. He was a very good student and had a knack for music from childhood.

He used to listen to the songs especially the pop music and folk songs. He was a great enthusiast of playing guitar and other instrumental objects. He went to the New Trier High School which was in Illinois. He later changed his school to Cranbrook School, which is in Michigan. However, after completing his high school studies, he went to the Whittier College which is in California. When he went to the college, he pursued his education with English to achieve a bachelor's degree in English. Later, he went to the Western State University College of Law. He was also admitted to the state bar of California in the year 1995.


Just after completing his university education, he stepped into his career. He started his career as a television host in the year 1995. He did not get any huge break during the beginning days of his career and had to work as an intern. He did not even receive any payment during his internship days. He did not work in one single company for five to seven years and kept changing as he wanted to gain more working experience. In the year 2004, he was selected as a co-host in the show Overhaulin’. He had also done several roles in the television and film industry.

He had also worked in some big projects during this time. He co-hosted the show Overhaulin for 4 years and after that he returned to Velocity for the sixth season in the year 2012. He hosted the sixth season alone and acquired a lot of popularity. He joined the NFL network in the year 2013 and posted several events on the channel. He left the show Entertainment Tonight when he joined the channel.

He hosted many popular events such as Skyscraper, Skywire Live, Gold Rush live, Chopper live, Klondike live and many more. He also hosted the Barrett- Jackson Auto Auctions in the live show of the Velocity in the year 2014. He also hosted the final season of the Overhaulin in the year 2015. In the year 2015, he debuted the television series ‘Long Lost Family’. While he was hosting Long Lost Family, in the year 2016, he got into a relationship with his present girlfriend Wrigley Field. He proposed to her in the month of August and till now, there is no news of their marriage or separation.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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