Chelsea Hamill

It's difficult being a child of two famous people, especially when everyone expects you to step in their shoes. Chelsea Hamill is a famous star kid who is yet to begin her career as an actress. She is young and beautiful. She was born as a daughter to Mark Hamill who is a famous actor and her mother Marilou York who is also a famous actress.

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Chelsea Hamill was born on 8th January 1997. She had just entered her twenties. She was born as a second child in her family after her Nathan Hamill who is also a popular actor. The preety girl also has a younger brother Griffin Hamill. She was born in New York in the country of United States of America.

Chelsea Hamill has got a very good height of five feet and eight inches. She has got long legs. Chelsea has got blue eyes and her hair color is blonde. She has got a great eye dropping figure of 36 28 34.She has been made by god with her own hands. She is a complete masterpiece. She completed her high school from New York College and is currently pursuing her graduation from Harvard College. As a teenager, she loved dancing and singing. Her parents enrolled her to a dance school seeing her interest in dance.

Chelsea also joined theater at an early age to learn acting. Her favourite actor is Brad Pitt and her favourite actress is Scarlett Johansson. She loves listening to songs of Zayn Malik. She is a very shy child and doesn't talk to media and constantly avoids media. Being a starkid has its own disadvantages. Pictures of her being in a bikini were circulated on social media and went viral. Her parents refused to comment on this incident. No other controversy has been linked to Chelsea thereafter.

Chelsea has not yet started her career. Owing by her love towards music, acting and dancing it can be said that she is going to be either a singer or an actress. She has performed in many of her college shows and won awards for her superb dancing skills. She has won many inter school dancing competitions and it can be said that she will be joining movie soon after her graduation.

Nothing much is known about her love or marriage life, as her parents keep her life away from media. The starkid has never been spotted with any boy other than her group of friends. So it cannot be said that she is in relationship with anyone. Her net worth is nothing as her career has yet not started.

However net worth of Chelsea’s parents is around 4 million us dollars, which they have earned by their splendid acting carriers and their production house. Chelsea is quite active on social media and keeps uploading her pics on social media. She has got around 4000 followers on Twitter. Her twitter username is @ChelseaHamill. Her instagram page has got around 1000 followers. Her instagram username is @ChelseaHamill. Her facebook username is @ChelseaHamill.

09 Jan, 2018