Casper Van Dien

Casper Van Dien is a very popular actor and producer. He is known for his major film appearances and acting skills worldwide.

Casper Van Dien was born in the year 1968 on December 18th. He was brought up in Milton, Florida in the United States. He was born to his parents Casper Robert Van Dien Sr. and Diane. His father was a fighter pilot and also a U.S. Navy Commander and his mother was a nursery school teacher. His family had a history in marine services and his grandfather was a Marine driver. He was the only child of his parents and had no siblings.

He belonged to a Dutch family which was influenced by the cultures of Native America, France, Swedish and English. He used to live in New Jersey with his family but later, they moved to Florida. He went to the St. Petersburg School in Florida. He was very brilliant as a student and was also an active member of the theatre group of his school. He took drama classes regularly and also participated in the drama events of his school.

He was very popular in his school for his acting skills and also for his good looks. He was very popular among the girls and also had many girlfriends in his school days. He was even called as “Ken doll” in his school for his huge popularity. He went to the Florida State University to study the bachelor's degree. During his university days, he was an active member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon group. He never gave up on his acting career and appeared in theatre groups regularly.

After finishing his university education, he went to Los Angeles to try better career opportunities. He started giving auditions for small supporting roles in the films and television series. Due to excellent acting skills, he appeared in the supporting roles in One Life to Live as Ty Moody and also in the drama series Beverly Hills. He was given a small part in the video game, Wing Commander IV as Van Dien.

It was completely a different type of role for him and he impressed everyone with his screening. Later, in the year 1997, he was starred as James Dean in the biopic James Dean: Race with Destiny. After the huge success of the biopic, he was starred in the year 1997, as Johnny Rico in the film Starship Troopers. This film was a turning point in his life and he was casted in the film Tarzan and the Lost City in the lead role of Tarzan in the year 1998.

In the year 2008, he appeared in the Starship Troopers 3: Marauder as Rico. He made an appearance in the YouTube web series Mortal Combat: Legacy where he imparted the role of Johnny Cage. He was first married to Carrie Mitchum in the year 1993 but the couple parted after four years of marital relationship. He has two children from this marriage. After that, he got married to Catherine Oxenberg in the year 1999 and has two daughters from her. The couple got divorced in the year 2015 leading to some misunderstanding.