Carolyn Stokes

Carolyn Stokes is a journalist as well as a famous author in one of the popular news channels.

Carolyn Stokes was born in America. She was the child of his Canadian parents and had two siblings. She had to go through a lot of poverty from her childhood and thus, she could not enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Sometimes, even it was difficult for them to meet the daily needs of the family. In such a financial condition, it was not possible for her to take education from a very good institution. So, she had to attend a local school along with her siblings to get education.

They used to live in a suburban area, far away from the city where enough scope for education was not available. Though she belonged from such a rural area of the place, she always kept her general knowledge updated with the daily news affairs. She also used to visit the library in the town to fetch some books. She loved to read different books on politics and also the different controversial affairs of some of the renowned public figures.

She took admission in the university and achieved a bachelor’s degree as well as a master's degree in journalism. After completing her education, she is pursuing a successful career. She is now married to Allan Hawco and is leading a happy married life with her three children. She is a very responsible mother and wife. She has not left her job for giving her family more time but she balances both her workplace and her family very well.

Carolyn Stokes has always wanted to become a successful journalist in her career. She started her initial career with a small news channel and after gathering some professional experience, she joined the ABC News. She worked with the ABC News for several years and covered many interesting stories and presented many news bulletins. She left the channel in the year 2000 to join the Fox Network Channel. It was due to her constant dedication and focus in her work that she received many promotions in the channel.

She was offered the position of Chief Reporter in the channel. This was a huge turning point in her career. She wanted to do a particular news report concentrating on the fact about the harassment of the people and their loss due to the frequent terrorist attacks in the country. Though the board members did not grant her the permission earlier but later on seeing her presentation and the advantages the report has, they gave her the permission. The report fetched her lot of popularity and honour as a journalist in her career. She has also introduced her own blog in collaboration with the channel. She has also received much appreciation from her followers for her blog posting and discussion regarding other interesting issues. Stokes, being a successful woman in her career, has a high net worth of 50,000 dollars per annum.