Allan Hawco

Allan Hawco is a popular actor and producer. He is also an established script writer in the film industry.

Allan Hawco was born in the year 1977 on July 28th. She was brought up in Bell Island with his four elder siblings. He was born to Mary Hawco and Michael Hawco. His father was a sales service man and his mother used to work in a primary school. His mother has also worked as a nun before getting married to his father. When he was only four years old, they shifted to Goulds because his father wanted to start a new business there.

They started a business of selling cars there which achieved a lot of success in the long run. He went to a good high school. As he was a very good student, he got the chance to get into a good school. He also had a knack for music, which he used to learn from one of his elder brother. His elder brother was a great music composer and also knew instrumental music. He also formed a band with some of his friends, when he was in high school. Their financial condition became better with time and his father wanted him to maintain his business after completing his high school graduation. However, he wanted to pursue his career as a musician.

However, he could not convince his family and had to pursue with business education. He visited the Memorial University to study business management. While he was studying in the university, he developed an interest towards theatre and drama through some of his friends. They used to visit theatres when they got free time from the university. When he was studying in the third year of the university, he informed his family about his developed interest towards acting. They gave him the permission to join the National Theatre School of Canada. He studied in the university for four years and then tried out opportunities as an actor.

His first film debut was with Sea Production in the series ‘Shakespeare’. He appeared in the play Macbeth which was written by Shakespeare. He got immense popularity after this film debut, which paved the path for more success in his career. He joined The Company Theatre which was a golden opportunity in his career. He has also done several movies of other genres which are Love and Savagery, Making Love in Saint Pierre and many more. He has also won a several awards such as the Gascon - Thomas Award and Canadian Film and Television Hall of Fame’s Outstanding Achievement Award. He has also appeared in a number of television series such as Frontier which was by the Discovery Channel.

When it comes to his personal life, we have only come to know that he is engaged to Carolyn Stokes. He has got engaged to his long time girlfriend in the year 2012 in New York and there is still no news about any split between the couple.