Caroline Macey

Caroline Macey Bio

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Caroline Macey is an actress of American origins. She became well known for the role she had as Lisa in the Valley of Angels action film. She was starring it with Danny Trejo. Caroline Macey is a daughter of Jane Beem Macey and Bob Macey. She grew up in the city of Lakeland and went to Lois Cowles Harrison Center for The Visual and Performing Arts. When she reached at 16 years old, she decided to become a vegetarian. She is a supporter of the animal right.

From her bio, Caroline Macey was born as Ann Caroline Macey. She is nicknamed Stah, Macey or Maceylicious. She is also recorded like Daniella Macey because of the voiceover work that she had for the Final Fantasy IV.

Caroline MaceyCareer

Over her entire career, Caroline Macey appeared in different films, such as Woke, where she was Nora, Weapons, where she was Tanya, Valley of Angels, where she was Lisa, The Minis, where she was Natalia, the Ghastly Love of Johnny x where she was Miss Robin, Text where she was Clair, Slumber Party Slaughter where she was Nicole Stevens, in Reign where she was Raine Delano and Pickin’s & Grinnin, where she was Sunday.

For TV, she appeared in 7th Heaven where she was Joy, in American Dreams where she was Lily and in Grey’s Anatomy where she was Dana. She was also Molly in Live, Diane Colquitt in Medium, Rianna in Party Down, and Ariel in Standoff. She also appeared in Un-natural Selection, The Shield, and Gilmore Girls. In Video games, she was Rydia in Final Fantasy IV and Rydia in World of Final Fantasy.

Caroline Macey Husband, Married

Even if it is not clear who is her husband or if she is married or not, it is said that she is a mother of two children and she keeps dynamic energy. She is still sexy even after giving birth, and everyone is waiting to see her next step.

Caroline Macey Wiki

From her wiki pages, you should not confuse her with Caroline Macey who works as an artist. She had worked for twenty five years in arts education and in 2002; she moved to live in London when she set up the printmaking studio with life drawing classes. She is based in ore Village, near Hasting in East Sussex. She always wanted to express her love through studying the figure and how such knowledge may be incorporated into interwoven and complex narrative works.

She had developed a technique by the use of Sankakuto Tools over a Japanese block and she wanted to capture a woodcut like results. She gets her inspiration from working or reworking on her image while exploring real or imagined obsession. They can then be realized with the graphic dynamics.


25 Dec, 2018