Caroline Heldman

Caroline Heldman is a famous American scholar and activist. She is a very educated woman and known for her contributions to society. She has worked with a lot of organizations in the social work sector. She is also a professor at a college in Los Angeles, the United States.

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Personal Life

Caroline was born in the year 1972 in the United States according to wiki. The exact date and place of her birth are unknown. Her biography is full of her achievements and mostly contains information about her professional life. There is very little information about her parents and early childhood. When her father passed away in 2013, she mentioned him in the post on her blog. The blog post reveals that her father was in the United States Air Force. After that, he has also been in Police in Seattle. He was also a Musician and had the privilege to play with some of the top musicians. Her mother used to be a theatre artist. She has 5 siblings named Sarah, Christian, Clare, Joy, and Kathleen. She went to Washington State University for higher studies and earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with distinction in 1993. Caroline went to Rutgers University for Masters and graduated in 1998 with a Masters in Political Sciences. She also got a doctorate in Political Sciences from the same institute in 2002. She has her own website where she writes about different topics. Heldman is also a published author as she wrote different articles in journals related to her field. Even though she is a very talented and accomplished being, she didn’t restrict herself just to academic achievements and owns a fourth-degree black belt title in Taekwondo.

There is no authentic news about her marriage. As she mentions, she currently lives in Los Angeles with her life partner, but there is no confirmed news if they are married or not. According to the information available, she has not gone through a divorce. There is no record of any children she may have. However, she is fond of cats and has a lot of pet cats.


Caroline has been associated with different sectors in her field since the start of her career. She has worked as an activist with a social work organization. She also worked in private companies in different positions. She served as a general manager at Bio-Energy Systems. She was a political reviewer in the press. She also worked as a research manager in the past. She has appeared on different business news channels including FOX Business News and Al Jazeera America, as an expert in her field. Heldman worked as a professor at Whittier College. She was associated with other educational institutes, including Fairfield University and Rutgers University. She is the co-founder of an organization named “Faculty Against Rape”. She currently lives in Los Angeles and works as a professor in a college and occasionally appear on different news channels.

Her net worth and salary are not known as of now. There is no record of any awards in her name.

07 Nov, 2018