Byron Allen is am American comedian and TV producer. He was born on the 22nd April in the year of 1961. His birthplace is known as Detroit, a small and beautiful place of Michigan. He is mostly renowned for his work in TV series called ‘Comics Unleashed’ which was broadcasted in the television channel called MyNetworkTv in the year of 2006.


At an early age he started to perform in stand-up comedy in Los Angeles of California. At that time he was only a teenager. His mother worked as a publicist and he used to go to the NBC studios with his mother and used to roam around the set of ‘The Tonight Show’. By doing so, he was influenced to make his career in the TV show business. He is a graduate of the Los Angeles High School in Hollywood of California. His stand-up comedy was begun when he was only a 14 years old kid.


He was lucky to catch the eye of famous comedian Jimmie Walker. After watching him in a stand-up comedy, Jimmie invited him to join his comedy writing team along with Jay Leno and David Letterman. This changed his life forever. His TV appearance life began when he was only 18 years of age with the TV talk show called ‘The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson’. After that he was starred in many TV shows. He has been able to be a successful TV producer also. He has been credited for producing 29 TV productions over the years. His writing career is also enriched with great success. He wrote 8 TV series between the year 1988 and 2013. He is successful in directing also. During the period of 1992 and 2013, he directed about 15 TV series. His creation of the TV series called ‘The First Family’ was a big hit. His tremendous work in the TV show business gave him fame not only in America but also in the outer world. As a result of the popularity of his work he earned a lot of money. A source stated that his net worth right now is $300 million USD which is already a huge figure and yet increasing day by day.


Byron Allen married on the 1st September in the year of 2007. The name of his wife is Jennifer Lucas. They are proud parent of three children. The name of their first child is Chloe Ava Allen. The names of second and third children are Olivia Rose Allen and Lucas Byron Allen respectively. He loves his wife and children and in a nice big house in Beverly Hills of CA. the interesting things about the name of Byron Allen is that there is an American basketball player with exactly the same name. That is why many people who want to know information about his get confused sometimes and mistakes him as the basketball player. And many people also think they have blood relation. But the fact is that there is no connection between them at all except for the similarity in the name of the both.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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