Brooke Sealey

Brooke Sealey is from Winston! She is better known for being the ex-wife of Jeff Gordon, who is a car racer. Brooke is extremely good looking and she is the former Miss Winston. She also is famous for greeting racing drivers in Winston and it certainly has worked well because of her looks and appearances. Though she may not have achieved much in her career on her own, she has been able to win many hearts and has a number of supporters because of her high profile lifestyle. Her looks and appearances may also have worked in her favor and helped her winning many friends in various other mediums. However, she is not very active in social media.

Early Life

Brooke Sealey was born in Winston, USA. She is not keen on divulging her date of birth because of personal reasons. She is an American national and belongs to the North American ethnicity. In fact apart from her place of birth, nothing much is known about her early life, schooling, parents, sibling etc.

Personal Life

She did get lot of attention because her good looks and also because of the fact that she was Miss Windsor. Coming to her personal life, she was into the job of greeting car racers and that is how she got to meet Jeff Gordon. It immediately increased her popularity rating and she started getting big attention.

She dated Gordon secretly in the initial stages because there was a rule that prohibited formula drivers dating models. She got married to Gordon on November 26, 1994 but they separated and got divorced in 2003. The reason for the breakup of their marriage is not clearly known. However, some rumors suggest that it could have broken up because she was having an affair with somebody else.

Her Net Worth

Though she may not have made much money as a reasonably successful model, her net worth is quite impressive. This is because of her marriage to Gordon. When the marriage broke up and ended in a divorce, it is believed that it resulted in a settlement of around $15.3 million in her favor which certainly is big money. Her net worth must be growing quite handsomely because she has been wise and intelligent in investing what she had earned in her career as a model and also after her breakup with Jeff Gordon.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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