Bradley Lowery

Bradley Lowery was a kid who was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called neuroblastoma when he just 18 months old.

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Bradley Lowery Biography

Bradley was born in the year 2011 in Blackhall Colliery near Hartlepool. Bradley suffered from a rare disease which affects infants called neuroblastoma. In January of the year 2013 when Bradley was 18 months old, the tumor was found above his left kidney. The illness was treated but the tumor started to grow again. Bradley was again diagnosed with cancer in July of the year 2016. Bradley was hospitalized again and spent his 6th birthday in a bed in the hospital.

The illness spread too quickly and became terminal. The doctors believed that any treatment wasn’t enough to save Bradley Lowery. However, Bradley’s parents wanted to raise money and do their best to save Bradley’s life. Bradley’s parent set up a fund and started to raise money so that Bradley could get treatment in the United States of America.

Bradley loved football and became the fan of Sunderland. The football club also stood beside Bradley throughout his illness. Bradley became very fond of Jermaine Defoe who was a striker of English football team. Bradley used to come to the football ground holding the hand of Defoe before the match. Bradley was given a chance to come to the ground during the warm up the match between Sunderland and Chelsea and made a shot at the goal.

As a good gesture, that goal was picked as a goal of the month. Bradley was also invited by personalities to various events. A lot of people used to send the kid happy thoughts and messages through a Facebook page which was set up by his parents.

Bradley Lowery’s death

Bradley couldn’t resist the disease long enough and died on 7th July 2017. Bradley left his family and the whole world in sorrow. The names of Bradley’s parents are Carl and Gemma and his brother’s name is Kieran. According to the research this disease affects around 100 children in a year. When Bradley’s cancer was announced terminal, Bradley’s parents established a foundation and put all the raised money in the funds to help other kids who suffered from the same disease. There are videos available on YouTube in which Bradley can be seen with Dafoe.

04 Feb, 2019