Boston Russell is famous for his parents, Kurt Russell and Season Hubley. Boston is Kurt’s son from his first marriage. He is also famous for his grandfather, Bing Russell, who was also an actor.

Personal life

Boston was born as Boston Oliver Grant Russell in 1980 in Los Angeles. His father Kurt met his mother while shooting a movie. They started dating during the shooting and got married. After a few years of marriage, his father divorced his mother and he went to live with his mother. The reason behind his parents’ divorce is not known to media yet. He started dating Goldie Hawn in the same year and Boston’s involvement with his father during childhood is not known to media. He was never seen with his father and thus, it is assumed that his mother got his custody. There were no news segments about their divorce proceedings, custody battle or monetary fights. It is assumed that his parents divorced in a smooth manner.

When he was young, his mother did not want his life to involve media and thus, kept him and every aspect of his young age away from media. Boston has followed his mother on this front. He is currently 36 years old and has maintained his low profile, till date. His education, schoolings and other details are not known to media. Season did not marry anyone after Kurt nor did she mother any child after that. Thus, Boston does not have any siblings. He has a half-brother through the relationship between his father and Goldie Hawn.

His dating life is completely out of media’s access. It is not known whether or not he is in a serious relationship. He was not married or engaged previously. Most of his family members including his uncles, half-brother and cousins are in media business. He was never a part of any celebrity relationship. He was never associated with any one in an extra marital affair. He is not very active on social media sites.


Just like his personal life, his career is also almost in blanks. It is not known what he does for a living. He is certainly not into Hollywood unlike most of the Russells and Hubleys. He never gave out any interviews or talked about his life in any media. Neither he nor his mother shared about their personal life. His father has given out a lot of interviews but, he has never mentioned about Boston, till date. It is assumed that they lost contact with each other, when he left Boston’s mother. Season did not comment on the divorce, her ex-husband’s relationship with Goldie or any others. It is almost thirty years and Season has still remained inert to media. Thus, there is very less possibility that she would be talking about her son’s career or personal life in near future.

Since his personal life and career are both secret to public, it is very obvious that his net worth and salary details are also not known to media. Though he has a lot of relatives who are very open to media, there is very little that we know about Boston.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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