Bobby Cannavale

If you are a fan of the famous series Third Watch, then you certainly must be a big fan of Bobby Cannavale. He was born on May 3, 1970 and today this 47 year old person has become a big name in American entertainment world. He is considered a successful actor and also very talented one at that.

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He also has done quite a few other comic series in NBC and his talent and acting has won him an Emmy Award as an Outstanding Guest Actor. The actor is just 47 years old and there are many fans and even critics who believe that he has quite a bit of achievement and fame left in him. Let us therefore get started by having a look at his biography and find out more about his achievements till date and also understand how the future looks for Bobby Cannavale.

Early Life

Bobby Cannavale was born in New Jersey and this was the place where he was raised too. His mother is Isabel and his father’s name is Sal Cannavale. His mother belongs to Cuban descent while his father is of Italian origin. He did his schooling from St. Michael’s Catholic School. Bobby was known to be a keen participant of various types of extracurricular activities. He got his first exposure to acting when he was just eight. However, his early life had an upset when his parents separated, when he was just thirteen. This led to his mother shifting with him to Puerto Rico. They eventually settled in Florida. However, even in his hard days, Bobby Cannavale was able to get a school diploma from Coconut Creek High School.

Personal Life

Cannavale married screenwriter and actress Jenny Lumet who was the daughter of the famous Sidney Lumet. Their marriage took place in 1994 and it went on till 2003 after which the couple separated. Cannavale has a son out of his marriage with Jenny. In fact his son Jack Cannavale and he acted together as father and son in Nurse Jackie during its fourth season. It is believed that Bobby Cannavale has been dating actress Rose Byrne.

Net Worth

The net worth of Bobby Cannavale is around $8 million and there are reasons to believe that it is bound to go up with a number of projects in the pipeline.


There is no doubt that Bobby Cannavale has a fantastic career in terms of sheer numbers. He made his film debut in 1996 with the title I am Not Rappaport in which he did a small role of a parking lot customer. This helped him to establish a hold in the big screen and since then there has been no looking back. He has acted in a whopping 54 titles and four more are still in the making and are supposed to be released in 2018 or the year after. He also made his debut in the small screen in 1998 with the title When Trumpets Fade. He did a memorable role as Capt. Thomas Zenak. Apart from this, Bobby also has acted in thirty four titles in the small screen. Additionally he has around nine stage appearances too.

17 Feb, 2018