Bill Press Biography

Bill Press was born on April 8, 1940, in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. Bill is currently talk radio host, political commentator and an author, and he also has his website Most of his childhood, Bill spent it in the city where he was born.

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In 1958, Bill attended a Roman Catholic secondary school in Wilmington, Salesianum School. Then in Niagara University where he earned his BA in Philosophy. Bill also graduated Bachelor of Sacred Theology from the University of Fribourg.


Bill’s Current Age

Bill was born in the year 1940 which make him 78 years old. At his age, he is still active in giving quality reported to the citizens.

In his latest book, he courageously wrote the 100 Reason To Dump Trump. The book drew interest from the people and became a talk of the nation. Bill’s delivery of the state’s political issues continues, and his writings and videos are all over the internet.


 Bill  Wife and Children

Bill was married to Carol Press. Carol is also an achiever in her chosen field. She is an award-winning weaver, and her works are published in her website Visiting her site, you can see beautiful handmade scarves which you can also order online.

The couple has two sons, David and Mark Press. Bill also has five grandchildren.


 Bill Press’ Career and Net Worth


Los Angeles was the place bill started his career in broadcasting. Bill worked as a host for KCOP-TV and KABC-TV. Then he worked as a political commentator for MSNBC and CNN. In 1991- 1996, Bill was a regular host in Bill Press: True American on KFI-AM based in Southern California.

Bill enjoyed his career in political journalism and even became California Democratic Party’s chairman. Bill also served as California Office of Planning and Research’s director and California State Senator Peter Behr’s chief of staff. In 1990, he managed few statewide and local political campaigns. The journalist was also the candidate for California State Insurance Commissioner in the Democratic primary.

Bill became famous when he started co-hosting CNN’s Spin Room, Crossfire and Buchanan and Press in MSNBC, a fiery debate program. Bill enjoyed radio more. The reporter started as a commentator in radio since 2005. The Talkers Magazine named him The Most Important Talk Radio Host in the nation.

Bill has been contributing blogs at The Huffington Post, a website that focuses on political issues. Bill’s also made contributions to The Hill. During the coverage of Florida GOP primary elections, in 2012, Bill filled in the Current TV for Keith Olbermann. Current TV is an American TV channel.

Bill Press also authored books. Some of the books he wrote are Eyewitness (1998); Spin This! (2001); Bust Must Go! (2004); How The Republicans Stole Christmas (2005); Trainwreck (2008); Toxic Talk (2010); The Obama Hate Machine (2012); Buyer’s Remorse (2016); From The Left (2018; and Trump Must Go (2018).

Though it is known to all that Bill has been successful in his field, his earnings are yet disclosed. Thus the figure of his net worth is unknown.


22 Nov, 2018