Bianca Ryan

Born on September 1st, 1994, Bianca Ryan has been able to create quite a bit of impression within a short span of time. Though she is just 23 years old, she is now regarded as one of the most talented and successful actress, singer, musician and songwriter. She is extremely talented and perhaps even gifted because she won the prestigious NBC’s America’s Got Talent award when she was just eleven years old.

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Bianca won the accolades and appreciation of the judges in 2006 with her fantastic voice and lack of stage fear at that young age. Hence, it perhaps makes lot of sense to have a closer look at her biography though these are still early days for her. However, it certainly will be a good source of information and knowledge for her fans and well wishers.

Early Life

Bianca was born to her mother Janette Ryan and Shawn. She is the second child of five children. She moved to Philadelphia when she was just three years old. Her father was a big fan of The Rolling Stones and he therefore named her as Bianca which is the name of Mick Jagger’s ex wife. Her father believes that he is a mix of various ethnicities and nationalities including Italian, Irish, German, Japanese and Cherokee. Though Bianca was better known as a tap dancer, it came as a surprise that her singing prowess became known to the world so early in her life. However, once her singing talent became known her father spared no efforts to hone her talent.

Personal Life

There is very little known about her personal life. Bianca has kept her love life, relationships and other such things out of limelight. Hence there are many reasons to believe that she continues to be single as of now. She is just 24 years old and therefore she perhaps is keen on building her career rather than falling in love and relationships. However, there is no denying the fact that she is extremely good looking and has been endowed with a wonderful figure and beautiful face.

Net Worth

Though Bianca Ryan is only 23 years old, she already has amassed a net worth of $15 million which is stunning.


Ryan started getting noticed when she was cast in 2005 for the role in a big screen movie by the name 12 and Holding. She did the role of a singing girl and though she was just 11 years old she was very good according to her supporters and critics. She also did another movie in 2014 named We are Kings where she did the role of Lady Knuckles.

Bianca Ryan also has acted in three titles in the small screen beginning with Star Search in 2003 when she was just nine years old. However, the real success of Bianca has come from her music videos and she has seven albums to her credit starting with You Light Up My Life in 2006 to the last one by the name One Day which was released in the year 2017.

17 Feb, 2018